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Initializes the Scripting Interface and opens a new instance of the iMacros Browser unless otherwise stated by the command_line parameter. If you use the Run As feature of the iimInit command, you must use the SetRunAs.exe utility to store the user name and password of the Run As user in the registry. The tool can be found in the iMacros Program directory (typically C:\Program Files\iMacros\ ). Experts can also change the settings manually using the dcomcnfg utility from Microsoft, but the use of the provided tool is recommended. If you do not make this required setting, iimInit will notify you by returning a -5 error code.

A list of return codes is available here.


int ret_code = iimInit( String command_line [, boolean start_browser] [, String run_as_user, String run_as_password, String run_as_domain] ) 


  • String command_line
    Specifies command line switches. All switches start with a dash (-). Possible switches are:
    • -ie Starts the Internet Explorer instead of the iMacros Browser.
    • -tray Starts the iMacros Browser in tray mode.
    • -silent Starts the iMacros Browser in silent mode, i.e. tray mode with a try icon.
  • boolean start_browser
    Specifies whether to connect to an open instance of the iMacros Browser or Internet Explorer. If set to false, iMacros tries to connect to an existing instance. If none is found, a new instance is created. Default is true.
  • String run_as_user
    Username under whose account the iMacros Broser is started.
  • String run_as_password
    Password needed for the account specified in run_as_user.
  • String run_as_domain
    Domain in which the username given is runs_as_user is valid.


Initialize the Scripting Interface in silent mode (iMacros not visible in taskbar or tray - Visual Basic Script example):

Dim imacros, iret 
Set imacros = CreateObject("InternetMacros.iim") 
iret = imacros1.iimInit("-silent") 

Initialize the Scripting Interface connection to an existing Internet Explorer running under a certain user(Visual Basic Script example):

Dim imacros, iret 
Set imacros = CreateObject("InternetMacros.iim") 
iret = imacros1.iimInit("-ie", FALSE, "username", "password", "domain")  

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