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This page documents features that are unique to iMacros for Firefox versions 9 and below. For the documentation of iMacros for Firefox 10 (Firefox Quantum) see iMacros for Firefox and Webextensions. For the standard features of the iMacros series, please see the Form Filling, Browser Automation, Data Extraction and Web Testing chapters.


iMacros End User License Agreement


No administrative rights are required for the installation. Win, Mac and Linux are supported.

Important: iMacros for Firefox versions 8 and 9 do not work with Firefox 56 and above.

  • iMacros for Firefox 8 only works with Firefox 48 and earlier. Firefox 48 to 55 only if multi process (e10s) is disabled.
  • iMacros for Firefox 9 only works with Firefox versions 49 up to 55.


You can use iMacros as super-bookmarks: To open the bookmark dialog right-click on the macro that you want to bookmark and select the "local" option. This option adds a link to the macro on your computer to your bookmarks.

(1) Right-click the macro you want to bookmark
(2) Select the Local option for "normal" bookmarks
(3a) A link (reference) to your macro is added to the Firefox bookmark menu. iMacros opens automatically if you select an iMacros super-bookmark.
(3b) You can place your most-used macros on the Bookmarks Toolbar.

If you run a bookmarked macro and the iMacros sidebar is not open, the sidebar will open to run the macro and close again after the macro is complected. If the sidebar was visible before the macro is started, it will remain visible after the macro is completed.

For experts: The bookmarked URL has the format:


iMacros intercepts this URL and runs the local macro file instead. If the macro is inside subfolder(s), please use this format (%5C stands for /):



User created iMacros tutorials:

Know other good tutorials or screencasts? Please let us know at!

Keyboard Shortcuts

Press the F8 function key to open and close the iMacros sidebar. If required, you can change this shortcut with another Firefox extension.


The iMacros bookmark dialog gives you the option to embed your macros directly into a link (bookmarklet) and share it with others. Note: You can only create bookmarklets from macro (.iim) files and not Javascript (.js) files.

Important: If you want to add the embedded macro as a link on an HTML page, make sure it is url-encoded using e.g. this tool.

See the following forum posts for more details.

iMacros offers several options to share your macros and scripts

Since iMacros for Firefox V6.5 the bookmarklet format introduced with iMacros for Chrome is also supported in Firefox.

Password Security

iMacros allows you to store passwords using secure 256-bit AES encryption. In addition, iMacros for Firefox integrates directly with the Firefox Password Manager and uses it to store the master password (if you decide to store it).

Command Line Support

You can start imacros (or Javascript scripts) inside of Firefox via the command line:

 "C:\Program Files (x86)\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe"  imacros://run/?m=...

Note: The above syntax is currently broken in Firefox 52 and later (see Known Issues below).


 "C:\Program Files (x86)\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe"  imacros://run/?code=...

Note: The above syntax is currently broken in iMacros 9.0.3 (see Known Issues below).

for instance:

 "C:\Program Files (x86)\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe"  imacros://run/?m=Demo-FillForm.iim

Note: When you first start Firefox via the command line the iMacros extension is not immediately active. It may take a few seconds for Firefox to activate it. So the imacros://run/ command does get intercepted already but not yet processed by iMacros and a blank page appears.

Solution: Make sure that Firefox is already running. If you start Firefox a second time, Firefox will direct this new command automatically to the already running instance. Now iMacros can "see" the imacros://run/ URL and start the macro.

You can use a batch file like this:


 start "" "C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe"
 ping (or pause or sleep ... it is just to cause a small delay)
 start "" "C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe"   imacros://run/?m=Demo-FillForm.iim

Note: If you use the batch start command, Firefox must be the default browser.

For Mac OS X users: to start a macro from the OS X command line or as a scheduled job, you can use the following command syntax:

/Applications/ imacros://run/?m=Demo-FillForm.iim

The BEST solution: If you need an easy and powerful way to control Firefox you can use the iMacros Scripting Interface that is included with some of the iMacros paid editions. This method gives you complete control over Firefox ,Chrome, Internet Explorer, and the iMacros browser. For example, you can return error codes or extracted data from the browser to your program or script.

More information: Our users created several useful forum posts about the command line feature:

Javascript Scripting Interface

Automate complex tasks: iMacros commands refer to web page elements, so any programming logic must be put into a script that then uses iMacros to automate the website. For this purpose iMacros for Firefox contains a built-in Javascript Scripting Interface, which runs directly inside the browser. Just like Firefox this interface is cross-platform (Win, Mac, Linux).

The following information focuses on this built-in Javascript Scripting Interface.

Supported commands:

Note that the syntax of the regular, commercial Windows Web Scripting Interface and the built-in Firefox Javascript Scripting Interface is identical (unless where explicitly noted). Therefore they use the same documentation.

By default each Javascript step is shown during replay. This option is useful for testing and debugging, but it slows down the Javascript execution artificially. To run Javascript at its normal (very fast) speed please uncheck this option.
Javascript code running inside iMacros. The the //imacros-js:showsteps yes/no comment at the top of your Javascript file (including the //) overrides the global setting of "Show Javascript" checkbox in the option dialog.

Javascript examples.png

Examples: iMacros for Firefox automatically installs the SI-Run-Test.js, SI-Get-Exchange-Rate.js, Self-Test.js and SI-Send-Macro-Code.js (View Script Source Code) example javascripts.

Important: iMacros macros must have the ".iim" file extension and Javascript scripts must have the ".js" file extension.

Note: Firefox can be remote controlled by the regular iMacros Scripting Interface via iimInit ("-fx"). The Javascript Scripting Interface does not include iimInit and iimExit, because they are not required. The Javascript runs inside the browser. The regular iMacros Scripting Interface is now available for Linux. It allows you to remote control Firefox and Chrome via Python.

Running multiple iMacros js scripts simultaneously

If you need to run more than one js script in iMacros for Firefox at the same time, you have to use a different Firefox profile for each script and make sure each opens as a different process.

Interesting forum posts about the Javascript interface

Scripting Firefox

Mozilla Firefox, the complete browser, can be scripted with the commercial iMacros Enterprise Edition (= iMacros Scripting API). So while the free Java scripting runs inside Firefox, the API allows you to control Firefox from external software (C++, C#, Python, Perl,...). For details, see the chapter with the iimOpen command.

Automatic Updates

By default Firefox will attempt to keep your add-ons (including iMacros for Firefox) up-to-date. This is a function of the Firefox browser itself and not specifically the iMacros add-on. To prevent iMacros for Firefox from automatically updating, find the entry for iMacros in the list of Extensions using the Firefox Add-ons Manager, then click the "More" link:

iMacros extension.png

Next, scroll to the bottom of the page and turn Automatic Updates off:

iMacros-FF Automatic Update.png

Portable Firefox

Mozilla Firefox®, Portable Edition is the popular Mozilla Firefox web browser bundled with a Launcher as a portable app, so you can take your bookmarks, extensions and saved passwords with you on a USB stick. iMacros is optimized and tested to work well with the Portable Edition. If you plan to use iMacros with the Firefox Portable please check "Store data in profile" folder on the the PATH tab in the OPTIONS dialog. Then iMacros stores all data inside the Firefox data folder (which typically is on your USB stick) instead of using absolute paths. No data gets lost or moved while switching the folder location.


Thanks to the contribution of iMacros for Firefox users around the world, iMacros for Firefox is currently offered in the following locales:

  • en-US
  • ru-RU
  • de-DE
  • fr-FR
  • nl-NL
  • pl-PL
  • es-ES
  • ko-KR
  • zh-TW
  • zh-CN
  • it-IT
  • pt-BR

However, most of the above locales are still only partially supported.

When installing, Firefox will load the locale matching the language of Firefox itself.


iMacros stores everything on your PC. In other words, no iMacros information is stored on our website. iMacros is not an online service. We never have access to your macros or scripts. This includes the social scripting feature. Even in this case our servers are not involved.

Technical background information for those who are interested in how it works:

If you want share you macros (social scripting) and select the option "Run everywhere: Embed macro in URL" in the bookmark menu then the macro is encoded in the URL (link). This feature is useful if you want to email the URL (= macro) to your friends and coworkers who have iMacros installed in their browser, or want to embed the macro in your website or blog. This means visitors of your website or Intranet page can run the macro. Again, no macro information is stored on our website. The URL contains the complete macro (For experts: The macro is BASE64 encoded).

You can add the iMacros bookmark url with the embedded macro to a social bookmarking service like Then the information is stored on their website and other users can run your macros. as long as they have iMacros installed in their browser. It is your decision to share your scripts, and our website is not involved in this.

Technically what happens if you call a URL that starts with javascript:(function()... is that if iMacros is installed in that browser, it intercepts the URL and executes the macro. That's all and it happens locally on your machine. If no iMacros add-on is installed, then a simple web page is opened that provides the user with a download link to iMacros.

Passwords are stored encrypted with your master password inside the macro files. So even if somebody would get a hold of your macros, they will useless to him/her without your master password.

Version History

  • 2016-08-10 V9.0.3
    • This version is a major upgrade to add compatibility with Multi Process Firefox released in Firefox 48 (codename Electrolysis, e10s). Unfortunately, this change imposes the following limitations:
      • SCREENSHOT TYPE=BROWSER is no longer possible,
      • SAVEAS TYPE=CPL is not available anymore,
      • File Upload in the TAG command cannot be supported.
      • CLICK (X/Y) record mode is now deprecated, use EVENT mode instead. However, existing macros that contain CLICK commands can be replayed.
    • The following were never officially supported and had to be removed as well, since Firefox no longer allows access to the page DOM from the browser context (only frame scripts can do so now)
      • No access to webpage DOM from javascript in .js files (window, content objects) or macros (URL GOTO=javascript:...),
      • imns (iMacros namespace) is no longer accessible.

Please note that iMacros version 8.9.7 will work with Firefox 48 and later if multi process (e10s) is disabled. See also How to downgrade iMacros

  • 2016-04-22 V8.9.7
    • Fixes compatibility with Firefox V46: playback not working.

  • 2015-12-29 V8.9.6
    • Fixes a UI issue that was introduced by a Firefox BETA channel update (all buttons stopped working)

  • 2015-08-21 V8.9.4
    • Fixes several reported issues with some dialogs not being handled by e.g. ONLOGIN, ONDIALOG

  • 2015-03-25 V8.9.2
    • Fixes several reported issues with automating file downloads

  • 2015-03-04 V8.9.1
    • Added Firefox 36 compatibility
      • Fixes "NS_ERROR_XPC_NOT_ENOUGH_ARGS: Not enough arguments [nsIWebBrowserPersist.saveURI]"
      • Fixes problem with JS code executed twice instead of once

  • 2015-02-05 V8.8.9
    • Minor error code change related to the EVENT command

  • 2014-12-16 V8.8.8
    • TAG command fails since the FRAME number is not set to 0
    • Specifying a file name without extension in the ONDOWNLOAD FILE parameter should save the file with the original extension
    • SCREENSHOT FOLDER=* results in error general closed
    • Clicking Apply in the settings dialog no longer dismisses the dialog
    • Upgrading to Yosemite breaks some iMacros macros
    • Using the +something syntax in ONDOWNLOAD FILE does not follow the rules outlined in the wiki

  • 2014-11-07 V8.8.7
    • Added: Firefox 33 compatibility
    • Fixed: Some strange freeze issue.
    • Fixed: ONDOWNLOAD checksum issue

  • 2014-9-26 V8.8.5
    • Added: Firefox 32 compatibility
    • Fixed: ANSI issue
    • Fixed: CLEAR command issue (caused by Firefox API changes)
    • Fixed: More fixes for ANSI encoded file issues (on Windows)
    • Fixed: Replay problem introduced in Firefox 31 affecting macros using ONDOWNLOAD

  • 2014-05-15 V8.8.2
    • Fixed: Firefox 28 issue that prevented ANSI files from being loaded correctly

  • 2014-02-06 V8.8.1
    • Added: Firefox 27 support
    • Added: AlertFox support - test and upload transaction tests from within iMacros (see the Manage tab).
    • Fixed: Several bug fixes and tweaks
New MANAGE tab in iMacros for Firefox 8.80
  • 2013-11-20 V8.6.0
    • Added: Firefox 25 and Firefox 26 support
    • Improved: Floating iMacros icon only during recording, blue frames back during replay
    • Fixed: 16 other bug fixes and tweaks

  • 2013-9-12 V8.5.3
    • Fixed: URL GOTO not working with local files on Firefox 23 and later
    • Fixed: Bookmark macros not working with Firefox 22 and later
    • Fixed: iimDisplay was not working

  • 2013-3-28 V8.5.1
    • New: IMAGESEARCH also available in Firefox on Windows (requires an iMacros license)
    • Improved: Bookmarklet support
    • Removed: support for This has been deprecated since V6.2.4 and replaced with the imacros://run/ URI. With this release, using will no longer work.
    • Fixed: Tab Mix Plus issue (caused by a recent Firefox update)
    • Fixed: Many other bug fixes
    • Only tested with Firefox V21 (the most recent release). For use with older Firefox version, please use a previous iMacros version from the iMacros for Firefox archive.

Important note for iMacros Enterprise Edition users: The updated iMacros Firefox Scripting Interface requires iMacros V9.50 (not yet released) After downloading the patch, unzip and run "install.cmd" as administrator. It updates the Firefox connector to the latest version. This patch supports both, iMacros 8 and 9.

  • 2013-3-28 V8.3.0.0
    • Fixed: Two issues reported by the Mozilla review team

  • 2013-3-12 V8.2.4.0
    • Added: EVENT is a new experimental command to automate web controls that the classic TAG command can not automate:
      • Drag & Drop
      • Sliders
      • Tricky date control
      • Ajax drop&down boxes
    • Fixed: Firefox 18/19 compatibility issues

  • 2012-11-05 V7.6.0.2
    • Added: ONERRORDIALOG Firefox 16 support (forum post)
    • Added: Warning about Firefox 16 Javascript replay issues (real solution available soon)

Update tip: You can verify that you have the latest version with the VERSION command. It should display VERSION BUILD=7601105 RECORDER=FX

This command is added to the first line whenever you record a new macro.

  • 2012-10-16 V7.6.0.0
    • Added: Updated iMacros bookmarklet support - now 100% compatible to iMacros for Chrome
    • Added: Full support for the latest Firefox version
    • Fixed: The default !TIMEOUT_STEP value is no longer calculated as a percentage of !TIMEOUT[_PAGE]
    • Fixed: Saving macros as bookmarks does not work since Firefox 14
    • Fixed: Many smaller improvements

  • 2012-07-25 V7.5.0.4
    • Fixed: Demo files not installed correctly

  • 2012-07-10 V7.5.0.3
    • Improved: page load timing
    • Fixed: Memory leak

  • 2012-06-12 V7.5.1.0
    • Added: Firefox 13 support
    • Fixed: Several smaller issues

  • 2011-11-10 V7.4.0.8
    • Added: Firefox 8 support
    • Fixed: Javascript performance issue (debug api bug)

  • 2011-11-04 V7.4.0.7
    • Added: EVAL demo macro
    • Added: Performance Profiler support
    • Added: iimGetPerformance support
    • Improved: EVAL- detect e. g. if a date is older than x days or if a number is > then y. Inside EVAL, you have the full power of Javascript available!
    • Fixed: A crash triggered by a few websites

  • 2011-09-19 V7.4.0.1
    • Added: Firefox 6 and 7 support
    • Added: EVAL
    • Enterprise Edition users iimInit ("-fx"): Updated Scripting Interface, now separate binary
    • Fixed: Some smaller bug fixes

  • 2011-07-01 V7.3.0.0

(Note: This production version works also with Firefox 6&7, except the Scripting Interface)

    • Added: Firefox 5 support
    • Added: New cloud services tab. First supported service is AlertFox
    • Fixed: Some smaller bug fixes

  • 2011-05-26 V7.2.2.0
    • Improved: Demo macros are now installed in their own /demo-firefox folder
    • Improved: Checkbox toggled if CONTENT=YES/NO is not specified
    • Fixed: Many smaller bug fixes!

  • 2011-04-20 V7.2.1.0
    • Added: URL GOTO command returns http response codes e. g. 404
    • Improved: Start-up performance
    • Fixed: issue

  • 2011-03-28 V7.2.0.8
    • Added: Full Firefox 4 support
    • Added: iimRunner support for new iMacros Scripting Interface.
    • Added: Firefox 4 Javascript scripting see forum
    • Added: SAVE_ELEMENT_SCREENSHOT - Save screenshot of specified element (image, text,...)
    • Added: PROXY command
    • Fixed: Internal namespace cleaned up
    • Fixed: Several smaller items

  • 2011-02-03 V7.1.0.2
    • Added: New iMacros Scripting Interface. Requires use of |iMacros Enterprise Edition V7.20 => See forum post
    • Added: Firefox 4 Support (except Javascript scripting... will be added soon)
    • Fixed: Mac installation issue
    • Fixed: Firefox 4 Beta 10 issue
    • Fixed: Several smaller items

  • 2010-10-26 V7.0.0.2
    • Fixed: Firefox treats the NAME of select option as ID % while IE does not (improves FX/IE macro compatibility)
    • Fixed: Issue with ONDOWNLOAD command was used but no download occurred error

  • 2010-10-12 V7.0.0.1
    • Fixes several smaller bugs introduced with V7.0.0

  • 2010-09-17 V7.0.0.0
    • Added: Firefox 4.0 support!
    • Added: !TIMEOUT_STEP (same as !TIMEOUT_TAG)
    • Fixed: Irregularly failing to handle download (forum)
    • Fixed: Several smaller bugfixes
    • Important info for iMacros Enterprise Edition users: The iMacros Scripting Interface DLL XpcomOpusConnector.dll/xpt are missing in this installer to circumvent a bug in Firefox 3.6.4 and later. So if you want to use iimInit ("-fx") please downgrade to Firefox V3.6.3 or lower and install iMacros for Firefox Or copy the missing xpt file into the V7.0.0 component folder. For detailed instructions please see this forum post.

  • 2010-06-24 V6.7.0.1
    • Temporarily Removed: iMacros Scripting Interface DLL XpcomOpusConnector.dll to circumvent a bug in Firefox 3.6.4
    • Important: If you want to use iimInit ("-fx") please downgrade to Firefox V3.6.3 or lower and install iMacros for Firefox

  • 2010-05-07 V6.7.0.0
    • Added: SET !POPUP_ALLOWED to dynamically white-list popup URLs. This is useful for web testing and macro portability.

  • 2010-02-22 V6.6.0.1
    • Added: New SEARCH command, assert, search & extract from the page source code
    • Fixed: RuntimeError: Wrong format of CONTENT value bug (introduced with V6.5.0.0)
    • Fixed: Several smaller issues

  • 2010-01-28 V6.5.0.0
    • Added: STOPWATCH LABEL and iimGetLastPerformance
    • Added: Bookmarklet support for Firefox
    • Added: "Never ask again" option for the "Would you like to close all tabs" message
    • Added: Support for new iMacros for Chrome encryption format
    • Added: Support for type=* (=> ignore type in the TAG search)
    • Added: Use frame ID to specify frame in addition to number (see FRAME)
    • Added: ONDOWNLOAD File=* Folder=* WAIT=YES CHECKSUM=MD5:AF2D... support (MD5 and SHA1 are supported)
    • Added: Take Screenshot button (adds SAVEAS TYPE=PNG to the macro)
    • Improved: Change form recording ACTION syntax, now fully compatible to iMacros for IE/Chrome
    • Improved: Xpcom DLL signed
    • Improved: AJAX support, now waits TIMEOUT_TAG long for select box entries to appear
    • Fixed: Drag & Drop issue in iMacros tree view
    • Fixed: FX recording DropDown differs from the iMacros software recording.
    • Fixed: Issue wit UnMHT addon
    • Fixed: Colon (:) in CONTENT not possible
    • Fixed: Wrong year in !NOW

  • 2010-01-01 V6.3.1.1
    • Added: Demo-Fillform-XPath macro
    • Added: Error and iimDisplay messages now displayed inside the tab (no longer extra dialog box to close)
    • Added: FAIL_IF_FOUND support (example use: trigger error if a text is found)
    • Added: SET !TIMEOUT_MACRO support
    • Added: iimTakeBrowserScreenshot (path, 1) support
    • Added: !X_FX_CLICKMODE DOM/API experimental switch to a new Clickmode
    • Improved: HTML Clickmode includes TXT now
    • Fixed: Many other smaller issues

  • 2009-12-07 V6.2.5
    • Added: Firefox 3.7a1pre support

  • 2009-07-14 V6.2.4
    • Added: Firefox 3.6a1pre support
    • Added: Local macro bookmarks now with imacros://run/?m=macro.iim syntax
    • Added: Full path support for Scripting Interface: i = iim1.iimPlay("d:\a\demo-fillform.iim", 60)
    • Fixed: Firefox stops page loading when macro stops
    • Fixed: Many other smaller issues

  • 2009-06-10 V6.2.3
    • Added: {{!CLIPBOARD}} support
    • Added: Right-click menu to iMacros Editor
    • Added: TAG XPATH support
    • Added: Error return codes
    • Added: TAG.. CONTENT=EVENT:FAIL_IF_FOUND support
    • Added: Editor Help Button links to the popular AlertFox Website Monitoring and Wiki
    • Added: Demo-Open6Tabs macro
    • Improved: Click X/Y command
    • Fixed: iimGetLastError did not return an error text
    • Fixed: Many smaller issues

  • 2009-05-06 V6.2.1.5
    • Added: Firefox 3.5 Beta support

  • 2009-03-26 V6.2.1.4
    • Fixed: PAUSE issue
    • Fixed: Other smaller issues

  • 2009-03-20 V6.2.1.3
    • Added: Editor: maximize/minimize buttons added
    • Fixed: Bookmark issue
    • Fixed: TAG wait isssue
    • Fixed: Freeze with JS script runs and sidebar was closed
    • Fixed: SAVEAS issue
    • Fixed: Issue with tricky CSV files

  • 2009-03-18 V6.2.1.1
    • Added: New, completely redesigned, super-fast iMacros Player engine.
    • Added: New macro editor with syntax-coloring
    • Added: !SINGLESTEP support
    • Added: Password dialog link to our password tool
    • Added: ONDOWNLOAD sub folder creation, e. g. FOLDER=d:\F1\F2 => Folder F2 will be created
    • Fixed: Syntax error for ATTR=TXT:
    • Fixed: Issue with Mac OSX default paths.
    • Fixed: Several smaller issues
    • Changed: Removed Firefox 1.x support. This allowed us to improve and enhance iMacros further.

  • 2009-01-09 V6.1.1.4
    • Changed: Removed Seamonkey and Flock support because of issues with the latest versions of these browsers. We plan to add support again in the future.

  • 2008-12-15 V6.1.1.3
    • Added: Better error messages if some paths do not exist
    • Fixed: #NOVAR# support
    • Fixed: STOPWATCH timer issue
    • Fixed: TAB recording issue
    • Fixed: ONLOGIN recording issue
    • Fixed: URL GOTO syntax check issue (redesigned URL syntax check)
    • Fixed: Issue with F5 (Refresh)

  • 2008-12-03 V6.1.1.0
    • Added: Take screenshots of the complete page in PNG format with the new SAVEAS TYPE=PNG command.
    • Added: New demo macro: Demo-TakeScreenshot-FX.iim
    • Added: Support for Portable Firefox (Check the "Store data in Profile Folder" box on the Folder options tab)
    • Added: Added line numbers to Javascript error messages
    • Added: Hide or show Javascript execution with //imacros-js:showsteps yes|no command
    • Added: Support for using "", as in CONTENT="Hello Firefox"
    • Added: CONTENT=EVENT:SAVEITEM support (in Firefox, this is currently the same as SAVEPICTUREAS)
    • Added: TAB T=x generates and error messgae if Tab# x does not exist
    • Added: ASCII macro format now supported (in addition to Unicode and UTF-8)
    • Added: iMacros Macro Bookmarks show iMacros icon now
    • Added: Automatic POS detection for check boxes
    • Added: User can press STOP when macro is paused
    • Added: Closing of a tab now recorded (TAB CLOSE)
    • Improved: iMacros preferences storage consolidated in the imacros: workspace. Old settings are transferred to the new settings.
    • Improved: The error window after SET !ERRORIGNORE YES does not steal focus
    • Fixed: iimInit ("-fx", FALSE) support
    • Fixed: CLICK X/Y command issue
    • Fixed: Many smaller issues

  • 2008-10-24 V6.0.7.6
    • Added: Firefox 3.1 Beta support

Older versions: Read the previous version history here. You can download all older versions here. Be careful with old versions. These versions are provided for reference and testing purposes. You should always use the latest version.

Known Issues

Known issues with the latest version of iMacros for Firefox:

Most issues will be fixed as soon as possible.

iMacros 9.0.3 adds compatibility with Multi Process Firefox released in Firefox 48 (codename Electrolysis, e10s). Unfortunately, this change imposes the following limitations:

  • SCREENSHOT TYPE=BROWSER is no longer possible
  • SAVEAS TYPE=CPL is not available anymore
  • File Upload in the TAG command cannot be supported
  • CLICK (X/Y) record mode is now deprecated, use EVENT mode instead. However, existing macros that contain CLICK commands can be replayed.
  • The following were never officially supported and had to be removed as well, since Firefox no longer allows access to the page DOM from the browser context (only frame scripts can do so now)
    • No access to webpage DOM from javascript in .js files (window, content objects) or macros (URL GOTO=javascript:...)
    • imns (iMacros namesapce) is no longer accessible

Please report any problem in our user forum. We can only fix issues that you report! Thank you for your help.

Note 1: How to use the Firefox Error Console?

Note 2: If you run iMacros non-stop (24 x 7), you should disable some of Firefox "nag" dialogs and see this FAQ.

Do you want to be informed when the next iMacros update is available? => Please subscribe to the iMacros announcement forum.

How to Downgrade

If you want to downgrade iMacros for Firefox to a previous version and disable automatic updates, follow the steps below.

Note: To downgrade to iMacros 8.9.7 in Firefox 48 or later, you need to make sure that Multiprocess Windows (codename Electrolysis, or e10s) is disabled in Firefox.

  1. Go to Tools - Add-ons in Firefox
  2. Find iMacros in the list of Extensions
  3. Click Remove and restart Firefox
  4. Install an older version of iMacros from the archive
  5. After restarting the browser again, go back to the Add-ons page and click the "More" link for iMacros
  6. Turn Automatic Updates Off

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