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iMacros for Chrome is one of the iMacros Webextensions. A detailed documentation of features, limitations, and end user license agreement (EULA) is found in that page. Here we document the few differences to that common page.


Chrome Download the latest version of iMacros for Chrome from the Chrome webstore

Scripting Chrome

Google Chrome, the complete browser, can be scripted with the iMacros scripting interface (API) included with some of the iMacros paid editions. The API allows you to control Chrome from external scripts and programs (C++, C#, Python, Perl, Javascript, PowerShell, etc...). For details, see the chapter with the iimOpen command.

Note: In order to control iMacros for Chrome via the iMacros scripting interface, you must install File Access for iMacros Extensions.

Using Chrome with the iMacros RunAs Agent (iimRunner)

  1. iimRunner only works with a non-default Chrome UserDataDir (aka profile)
  2. Make sure the iMacros add-on is installed in the new user profile.
  3. In order to launch Chrome with a different user profile via the iMacros scripting interface (e.g. iimOpen("-cr -crUserDataDir C:\MyProfile")) or with iimRunner (e.g. iimOpen("-cr -runner -crUserDataDir C:\MyProfile")), you need to allow access to file URLs:
    1. In the Chrome menu, go to More tools - Extensions and find iMacros in the list of extensions
    2. Make sure "Allow access to file URLs" is checked
Allow access to file URLs (with border).png

Known Issues

Current known issues with the latest version of iMacros for Chrome:

Version History

Version 10.0.5, 2018-09-17

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  • Fixed: SaveAs dialog
  • Fixed: Macros with capitalized extension name .IIM do not get displayed in the tree
  • Fixed: SAVEAS TYPE=EXTRACT FILE=+... duplicates the name of the file
  • Fixed: !TIMEOUT_STEP 0 not working
  • Improved: Close iMacros dialogs (prompt, extract, etc) by pressing Enter
  • Other minor fixes

Version 10.0.3, 2018-07-30

  • Important security fix

Version 10.0.2, 2018-05-16

  • Fixed: iMacros panel (sidebar) not opening when Chrome is set to "Continue where you left off"

Version 10.0.1, 2017-12-14

  • New: Freeware and Personal version
  • New: new color and icons, modern and clean design
  • New: File upload support
  • Added: replay speed control to the iMacros Settings
  • Added support for the !PLAYBACKDELAY command
  • Added a read-only !FOLDER_MACROS and !FOLDER_DOWNLOAD command to specify the directory for saving macros
  • Added Help button onto Manage tab
  • Changed minimum Chrome version to v.51
  • Fixed an issue while reading a macro file with certain number of bytes
  • Fixed no timeout for TAG command that results in #EANF#
  • Fixed an iMacros hang-up while attempting to access a non-existing datasource file
  • Fixed a hang-up while attempting to switch to a non/existent tab
  • Fixed not displaying the file tree if it contains more than 27 items
  • Fixed recording special characters in Event recording mode
  • Fixed missing selection of highlighted macro in the files tree
  • Fixed not using IDs as selectors while recording
  • Fixed Drag & Drop functionality in the iMacros files tree
  • Fixed ignoring timeout values caused due to SET !ERRORIGNORE YES
  • Fixed the display of the SaveAs editor dialog
  • Removed 'Experimental' for Recording mode from the Settings page

Version 8.4.4, 2016-06-20

  • Added: new recording mode EVENT
  • Added: TAG SELECTOR command, to localize element using CSS selectors
  • Several bug fixes

Version 8.3.5, 2016-04-28

  • Fixed: support for Chrome v49

Version 8.3.4, 2015-07-23

  • Fixes several reported issues with automating file downloads
  • New: Automate file downloads in Chrome - We added support for ONDOWNLOAD!!!

Version 8.07, 2014-05-28

  • New: Chrome V35 bug workaround
  • New: New Scripting interface, workaround for Chrome's block of NPAPI dlls - requires separate installer.

Due to Chrome restrictions, the updated extension only supports macros inside bookmarks. For file access, please install our new file access modules - get them at Webextensions#Installation.

Version 7.03, 2014-03-10

  • Fixed: Shrinking sidebar bug (only Linux systems affected). This fix is actually a workaround for a Chrome bug.

Version 7.02, 2014-03-10

  • New: Significantly improved UI
  • New: Upload support for AlertFox Website Monitoring
  • Fixed: Many smaller bug fixes and tweaks

Version 6.06, 2013-07-05

  • New: New indicator for the recording/replay position
  • Improved: Bookmarklet conversion
  • Fixed: Many smaller bug fixes and tweaks

Important note for iMacros Enterprise Edition users: The updated iMacros Chrome Scripting Interface requires iMacros V9.02 or this patch. After downloading the patch, unzip and run "install.cmd" as administrator. It updates the Chrome connector to the latest version. This patch supports both, iMacros 8 and 9.

V6.06 features the new floating iMacros icon...(also in the new iMacros for Firefox)

Version 5.21, 2012-10-08

  • Added: EVAL
  • Added: Performance log feature
  • Improved: iimTakeBrowserScreenshot support
  • Improved: Bookmarklets support - now iMacros for Chrome and iMacros for Firefox bookmarklets have the same format.
  • Fixed: MAC Chrome compatibility issues introduced by Chrome V22
  • Fixed: BACK button not recorded
  • Fixed: Many smaller bug fixes

Version 5.11, 2012-06-14

Version 5.01, 2012-04-24

  • Added: FRAME support
  • Added: SAVEAS support
  • Added: EVAL support
  • Added: Support for TIMEOUT_PAGE and TIMEOUT_MACRO
  • Improved: iMacros Chrome icon is changed only on those windows where replaying or recording happens
  • Fixed: Negative counter issue
  • Fixed: Several smaller bug fixes

Version 4.01, 2012-02-09

  • Added: Visual display for recorded commands
  • Added: Visual display for replayed commands
  • Added: iimDisplay support
  • Improved: Web Scripting Interface: control Chrome with iimInit ("-cr").
New visual display for recording and replay
iMacros for Chrome can store macros as text files (fully compatible with iMacros for IE and Firefox) and also embeded them inside bookmarks - perfect for quick access and syncing macros with your bookmarks. Use the macro storage option to switch.

Version 3.5.3, 2011-07-15

  • Added: Re-added support for iMacros in bookmarks
  • Added: Conversion of macros between "stored as local file" and "stored as bookmarks". Bookmark storage is great for automated syncing.
  • Added: Double treeview - view macros stored as files and in bookmarks.

Version 3.5.1 Beta, 2011-05-05

  • Added: Mac OSX support!
  • Added: Improved iimInit ("-cr") support

Version 3.0.2 Beta, 2011-01-20

Version 2.0.1 Beta,2010-05-20

  • Added: Read/write/edit standard text based iMacros macro files ("*.iim" files).
  • Added: Drag & Drop tree view
  • Added: Run more than one instance (requires Google Chrome V5.x)
  • Fixed: Several minor issues

Version 1.1.1, 2010-02-08

  • Added: !CLIPBOARD command: SET !CLIPBOARD "Hi" works, but {{!CLIPBOARD}} does not currently work due to a bug in Chrome.
  • Added: Macro edit, rename and delete with right-click
  • Added: STOPWATCH - Result is written to Chrome Javascript Console
  • Fixed: Several minor issues

Version 1.0.3, 2009-12-08

Version 1.0.2, 2009-12-7

Version 1.0.0, 2009-12-5

  • Added: Improved GUI, panel now stays open during record and replay
  • Added: Pause button
  • Added: LOOP button & {{!LOOP}} variable
  • Added: REFRESH
  • Fixed: Several smaller issues

Versioin 0.6.5, 2009-12-01

  • Added: Line numbers and WAIT time in seconds are displayed as text in the browser action icon
  • Fixed: Another page load timing issue

Version 0.6.1, 2009-11-30

  • Fixed: Page load timing issue

Version 0.6.0, 2009-11-27

Version 0.5.0, 2009-11-23

  • Added: Browser Action support
  • Fixed: Encoding issue for Non-ASCII characters in macro. Bookmarklets now Base64 encoded.
  • Fixed: Several smaller issues

Version 0.3.2, 2009-10-01

  • Added: Initial release

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