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First Steps

Recording a Macro

How to record and replay an iMacros macro for web automation.

(Note: While this video was recorded on the iMacros browser, recording a macro works just the same with our free plugins/extensions for Firefox, Internet Explorer and Chrome)

These videos are designed for an office environment, and thus have no sound.

Automating a Web Form To Get Up-To-Date Flight Prices

Make iMacros fill in a web form to get up-to-date information on a certain flight connection.

(Note: While the iMacros browser was used for recording/replaying this macro, the procedure is the same for the iMacros extension/plugin for Firefox, Internet Explorer and Chrome.)

Automate Image Downloads

Have iMacros download the latest map of pollen concentration in the US.

The iMacros Editor

Use the built-in editor for more convenient testing/fixing.

More iMacros Features

Using DS for Drag 'n Drop

Using [DS], you can automate AJAX. For example, move elements around with Drag 'n Drop.

Using ImageRecognition

Use image recognition to select a website's elements

Image.search.wizard.png Click here to start tutorial

Form Filling

CSV input

How to fill a web form from a CSV input file.

Csv.input.tutorial.png Click here to start tutorial

More information on CSV input:

Web Data Extraction

Note: The macros displayed in the tutorials make use of the deprecated EXTRACT command, which now is a simple TAG with the EXTRACT parameter (cf. EXTRACT). When using the Extraction Wizard, recent releases of iMacros will automatically create the new commands (and not the ones that are shown in the tutorial).

Using the Content Extraction Wizard

How to use the Extraction Wizard

Content.extraction.wizard.png Click here for part 1 of the tutorial (the tutorial will automatically continue with parts 2, 3, and 4)

Scripting an Extraction Loop

Using a VBS loop for extraction

Script.loop.png Click here for part 2 of the tutorial

Relative Extraction (Extraction With Relative Positioning)

Using relative positioning (e.g. POS=R1) in extraction

Relative.extraction.png Click here for part 3 of the tutorial

Script Relative Extraction Loop

Using relative positioning in a VBS loop extraction

Script.relative.extraction.loop.png Click here for part 4 of the tutorial


Updating Excel Data From the Web

How to update data in an Excel spread sheet calling iMacros directly from Excel

Step 1: Record and prepare macro

Update.excel1.png Click here for part 1 of the tutorial

Step 2: Make Excel call iMacros

Update.excel2.png Click here to start part 2 of the tutorial

Loops with VBS

Please see VBS looping

Loop only parts of a macro

Please cf. Loop after Query or Login

Response Time Measurement

Use the STOPWATCH command to measure the respond time of certain web actions

Stopwatch.png Click here to start the tutorial