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This is a list of system messages available in the MediaWiki namespace. Please visit MediaWiki Localisation and if you wish to contribute to the generic MediaWiki localisation.

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Name Default message text
Current message text
accesskey-pt-mycontris (Talk) y
accesskey-pt-mytalk (Talk) n
accesskey-pt-preferences (Talk)  
accesskey-pt-userpage (Talk) .
accesskey-pt-watchlist (Talk) l
accesskey-save (Talk) s
accesskey-search-fulltext (Talk)  
accesskey-search-go (Talk)  
accesskey-summary (Talk) b
accesskey-t-contributions (Talk)  
accesskey-t-emailuser (Talk)  
accesskey-t-print (Talk) p
accesskey-t-recentchangeslinked (Talk) k
accesskey-t-specialpages (Talk) q
accesskey-t-upload (Talk) u
accesskey-t-whatlinkshere (Talk) j
accesskey-upload (Talk) s
accesskey-userrights-set (Talk) s
accesskey-watch (Talk) w
accesskey-watchlistedit-normal-submit (Talk) s
accesskey-watchlistedit-raw-submit (Talk) s
accmailtext (Talk) A randomly generated password for [[User talk:$1|$1]] has been sent to $2. It can be changed on the ''[[Special:ChangePassword|change password]]'' page upon logging in.
accmailtitle (Talk) Password sent
accountcreated (Talk) Account created
accountcreatedtext (Talk) The user account for [[{{ns:User}}:$1|$1]] ([[{{ns:User talk}}:$1|talk]]) has been created.
acct_creation_throttle_hit (Talk) Visitors to this wiki using your IP address have created {{PLURAL:$1|1 account|$1 accounts}} in the last day, which is the maximum allowed in this time period. As a result, visitors using this IP address cannot create any more accounts at the moment.
action-autopatrol (Talk) have your edit marked as patrolled
action-block (Talk) block this user from editing
action-browsearchive (Talk) search deleted pages
action-createaccount (Talk) create this user account
action-createpage (Talk) create pages
action-createtalk (Talk) create discussion pages
action-delete (Talk) delete this page
action-deletedhistory (Talk) view this page's deleted history
action-deleterevision (Talk) delete this revision
action-edit (Talk) edit this page
action-editmyprivateinfo (Talk) edit your private information
action-editmywatchlist (Talk) edit your watchlist
action-import (Talk) import pages from another wiki
action-importupload (Talk) import pages from a file upload
action-mergehistory (Talk) merge the history of this page
action-minoredit (Talk) mark this edit as minor
action-move (Talk) move this page
action-move-rootuserpages (Talk) move root user pages
action-move-subpages (Talk) move this page, and its subpages
action-movefile (Talk) move this file
action-patrol (Talk) mark others' edits as patrolled
action-protect (Talk) change protection levels for this page
action-read (Talk) read this page
action-reupload (Talk) overwrite this existing file
action-reupload-shared (Talk) override this file on a shared repository
action-rollback (Talk) quickly rollback the edits of the last user who edited a particular page
action-sendemail (Talk) send emails
action-siteadmin (Talk) lock or unlock the database
action-suppressionlog (Talk) view this private log
action-suppressrevision (Talk) review and restore this hidden revision
action-undelete (Talk) undelete this page
action-unwatchedpages (Talk) view the list of unwatched pages
action-upload (Talk) upload this file
action-upload_by_url (Talk) upload this file from a URL
action-userrights (Talk) edit all user rights
action-userrights-interwiki (Talk) edit user rights of users on other wikis
action-viewmyprivateinfo (Talk) view your private information
action-viewmywatchlist (Talk) view your watchlist
action-writeapi (Talk) use the write API
actioncomplete (Talk) Action complete
actionfailed (Talk) Action failed
actions (Talk) Actions
actionthrottled (Talk) Action throttled
actionthrottledtext (Talk) As an anti-spam measure, you are limited from performing this action too many times in a short space of time, and you have exceeded this limit. Please try again in a few minutes.
activeusers (Talk) Active users list
activeusers-count (Talk) $1 {{PLURAL:$1|action|actions}} in the last {{PLURAL:$3|day|$3 days}}
activeusers-from (Talk) Display users starting at:
activeusers-hidebots (Talk) Hide bots
activeusers-hidesysops (Talk) Hide administrators
activeusers-intro (Talk) This is a list of users who had some kind of activity within the last $1 {{PLURAL:$1|day|days}}.
activeusers-noresult (Talk) No users found.
activeusers-summary (Talk)  
addedwatchtext (Talk) The page "[[:$1]]" has been added to your [[Special:Watchlist|watchlist]]. Future changes to this page and its associated talk page will be listed there.
addsection (Talk) +
addsection-editintro (Talk)  
addsection-preload (Talk)  
addwatch (Talk) Add to watchlist
ago (Talk) $1 ago
all-logs-page (Talk) All public logs
allarticles (Talk) All pages
allinnamespace (Talk) All pages ($1 namespace)
alllogstext (Talk) Combined display of all available logs of {{SITENAME}}. You can narrow down the view by selecting a log type, the username (case-sensitive), or the affected page (also case-sensitive).
allmessages (Talk) System messages
allmessages-filter (Talk) Filter by customization state:
allmessages-filter-all (Talk) All
allmessages-filter-legend (Talk) Filter
allmessages-filter-modified (Talk) Modified
allmessages-filter-submit (Talk) Go
allmessages-filter-unmodified (Talk) Unmodified
allmessages-language (Talk) Language:
allmessages-prefix (Talk) Filter by prefix:
allmessagescurrent (Talk) Current message text
allmessagesdefault (Talk) Default message text
allmessagesname (Talk) Name
allmessagesnotsupportedDB (Talk) This page cannot be used because '''$wgUseDatabaseMessages''' has been disabled.
allmessagestext (Talk) This is a list of system messages available in the MediaWiki namespace. Please visit [ MediaWiki Localisation] and [//] if you wish to contribute to the generic MediaWiki localisation.
allnotinnamespace (Talk) All pages (not in $1 namespace)
allowemail (Talk) Enable email from other users
allpages (Talk) All pages
allpages-bad-ns (Talk) {{SITENAME}} does not have namespace "$1".
allpages-hide-redirects (Talk) Hide redirects
allpages-summary (Talk)  
allpagesbadtitle (Talk) The given page title was invalid or had an inter-language or inter-wiki prefix. It may contain one or more characters that cannot be used in titles.
allpagesfrom (Talk) Display pages starting at:
allpagesnext (Talk) Next
allpagesprefix (Talk) Display pages with prefix:
allpagesprev (Talk) Previous
allpagessubmit (Talk) Go
allpagesto (Talk) Display pages ending at:
alphaindexline (Talk) $1 to $2
alreadyrolled (Talk) Cannot rollback last edit of [[:$1]] by [[User:$2|$2]] ([[User talk:$2|talk]]{{int:pipe-separator}}[[Special:Contributions/$2|{{int:contribslink}}]]); someone else has edited or rolled back the page already. The last edit to the page was by [[User:$3|$3]] ([[User talk:$3|talk]]{{int:pipe-separator}}[[Special:Contributions/$3|{{int:contribslink}}]]).
ancientpages (Talk) Oldest pages
ancientpages-summary (Talk)  
and (Talk) and
anoneditwarning (Talk) '''Warning:''' You are not logged in. Your IP address will be recorded in this page's edit history.
anonnotice (Talk) -
anononlyblock (Talk) anon. only
anonpreviewwarning (Talk) ''You are not logged in. Saving will record your IP address in this page's edit history.''
anontalk (Talk) Talk for this IP address
anontalkpagetext (Talk) ---- ''This is the discussion page for an anonymous user who has not created an account yet, or who does not use it.'' We therefore have to use the numerical IP address to identify him/her. Such an IP address can be shared by several users. If you are an anonymous user and feel that irrelevant comments have been directed at you, please [[Special:UserLogin/signup|create an account]] or [[Special:UserLogin|log in]] to avoid future confusion with other anonymous users.
anonuser (Talk) {{SITENAME}} anonymous user $1
anonusers (Talk) {{SITENAME}} anonymous {{PLURAL:$2|user|users}} $1
anonymous (Talk) Anonymous {{PLURAL:$1|user|users}} of {{SITENAME}}
api-error-badaccess-groups (Talk) You are not permitted to upload files to this wiki.
api-error-badtoken (Talk) Internal error: Bad token.
api-error-copyuploaddisabled (Talk) Uploading by URL is disabled on this server.
api-error-duplicate (Talk) There {{PLURAL:$1|is [$2 another file]|are [$2 some other files]}} already on the site with the same content.
api-error-duplicate-archive (Talk) There {{PLURAL:$1|was [$2 another file]|were [$2 some other files]}} already on the site with the same content, but {{PLURAL:$1|it was|they were}} deleted.
api-error-duplicate-archive-popup-title (Talk) Duplicate {{PLURAL:$1|file that has|files that have}} already been deleted.
api-error-duplicate-popup-title (Talk) Duplicate {{PLURAL:$1|file|files}}.
api-error-empty-file (Talk) The file you submitted was empty.
api-error-emptypage (Talk) Creating new, empty pages is not allowed.
api-error-fetchfileerror (Talk) Internal error: Something went wrong while fetching the file.
api-error-file-too-large (Talk) The file you submitted was too large.
api-error-fileexists-forbidden (Talk) A file with name "$1" already exists, and cannot be overwritten.
api-error-fileexists-shared-forbidden (Talk) A file with name "$1" already exists in the shared file repository, and cannot be overwritten.
api-error-filename-tooshort (Talk) The filename is too short.
api-error-filetype-banned (Talk) This type of file is banned.
api-error-filetype-banned-type (Talk) $1 {{PLURAL:$4|is not a permitted file type|are not permitted file types}}. Permitted {{PLURAL:$3|file type is|file types are}} $2.
api-error-filetype-missing (Talk) The filename is missing an extension.
api-error-hookaborted (Talk) The modification you tried to make was aborted by an extension.
api-error-http (Talk) Internal error: Unable to connect to server.
api-error-illegal-filename (Talk) The filename is not allowed.
api-error-internal-error (Talk) Internal error: Something went wrong with processing your upload on the wiki.
api-error-invalid-file-key (Talk) Internal error: File was not found in temporary storage.
api-error-missingparam (Talk) Internal error: Missing parameters on request.
api-error-missingresult (Talk) Internal error: Could not determine if the copy succeeded.
api-error-mustbeloggedin (Talk) You must be logged in to upload files.
api-error-mustbeposted (Talk) Internal error: Request requires HTTP POST.
api-error-noimageinfo (Talk) The upload succeeded, but the server did not give us any information about the file.
api-error-nomodule (Talk) Internal error: No upload module set.
api-error-ok-but-empty (Talk) Internal error: No response from server.
api-error-overwrite (Talk) Overwriting an existing file is not allowed.
api-error-publishfailed (Talk) Internal error: Server failed to publish temporary file.
api-error-stashfailed (Talk) Internal error: Server failed to store temporary file.
api-error-timeout (Talk) The server did not respond within the expected time.
api-error-unclassified (Talk) An unknown error occurred.
api-error-unknown-code (Talk) Unknown error: "$1".
api-error-unknown-error (Talk) Internal error: Something went wrong when trying to upload your file.
api-error-unknown-warning (Talk) Unknown warning: "$1".
api-error-unknownerror (Talk) Unknown error: "$1".
api-error-uploaddisabled (Talk) Uploading is disabled on this wiki.
api-error-verification-error (Talk) This file might be corrupt, or have the wrong extension.
apr (Talk) Apr
april (Talk) April
april-date (Talk) April $1
april-gen (Talk) April
article (Talk) Content page
articleexists (Talk) A page of that name already exists, or the name you have chosen is not valid. Please choose another name.
articlepage (Talk) View content page
ascending_abbrev (Talk) asc
aug (Talk) Aug
august (Talk) August
august-date (Talk) August $1
august-gen (Talk) August
autoblock_whitelist (Talk) AOL * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
autoblockedtext (Talk) Your IP address has been automatically blocked because it was used by another user, who was blocked by $1. The reason given is: :''$2'' * Start of block: $8 * Expiry of block: $6 * Intended blockee: $7 You may contact $1 or one of the other [[{{MediaWiki:Grouppage-sysop}}|administrators]] to discuss the block. Note that you may not use the "email this user" feature unless you have a valid email address registered in your [[Special:Preferences|user preferences]] and you have not been blocked from using it. Your current IP address is $3, and the block ID is #$5. Please include all above details in any queries you make.
autoblocker (Talk) Autoblocked because your IP address has been recently used by "[[User:$1|$1]]". The reason given for $1's block is "''$2''"
autoblockid (Talk) Autoblock #$1
autocomment-prefix (Talk)  
autoredircomment (Talk) Redirected page to [[$1]]
autosumm-blank (Talk) Blanked the page
autosumm-new (Talk) Created page with "$1"
autosumm-replace (Talk) Replaced content with "$1"
backend-fail-alreadyexists (Talk) The file "$1" already exists.
backend-fail-backup (Talk) Could not backup file "$1".
backend-fail-batchsize (Talk) The storage backend was given a batch of $1 file {{PLURAL:$1|operation|operations}}; the limit is $2 {{PLURAL:$2|operation|operations}}.
backend-fail-closetemp (Talk) Could not close temporary file.
backend-fail-connect (Talk) Could not connect to storage backend "$1".
backend-fail-contenttype (Talk) Could not determine the content type of the file to store at "$1".
backend-fail-copy (Talk) Could not copy file "$1" to "$2".
backend-fail-create (Talk) Could not write file "$1".
backend-fail-delete (Talk) Could not delete file "$1".
backend-fail-describe (Talk) Could not change metadata for file "$1".
backend-fail-hashes (Talk) Could not get file hashes for comparison.
backend-fail-internal (Talk) An unknown error occurred in storage backend "$1".
backend-fail-invalidpath (Talk) "$1" is not a valid storage path.
backend-fail-maxsize (Talk) Could not write file "$1" because it is larger than {{PLURAL:$2|one byte|$2 bytes}}.
backend-fail-move (Talk) Could not move file "$1" to "$2".
backend-fail-notexists (Talk) The file $1 does not exist.
backend-fail-notsame (Talk) A non-identical file already exists at "$1".
backend-fail-opentemp (Talk) Could not open temporary file.
backend-fail-read (Talk) Could not read file "$1".
backend-fail-readonly (Talk) The storage backend "$1" is currently read-only. The reason given is: "''$2''"
backend-fail-store (Talk) Could not store file "$1" at "$2".
backend-fail-stream (Talk) Could not stream file "$1".
backend-fail-synced (Talk) The file "$1" is in an inconsistent state within the internal storage backends
backend-fail-usable (Talk) Could not read or write file "$1" due to insufficient permissions or missing directories/containers.
backend-fail-writetemp (Talk) Could not write to temporary file.
backlinksubtitle (Talk) ← $1
bad-target-model (Talk) The desired destination uses a different content model. Can not convert from $1 to $2.
bad_image_list (Talk) The format is as follows: Only list items (lines starting with *) are considered. The first link on a line must be a link to a bad file. Any subsequent links on the same line are considered to be exceptions, i.e. pages where the file may occur inline.
badaccess (Talk) Permission error
badaccess-group0 (Talk) You are not allowed to execute the action you have requested.
badaccess-groups (Talk) The action you have requested is limited to users in {{PLURAL:$2|the group|one of the groups}}: $1.
badarticleerror (Talk) This action cannot be performed on this page.
badfilename (Talk) Filename has been changed to "$1".
badipaddress (Talk) Invalid IP address
badretype (Talk) The passwords you entered do not match.
badsig (Talk) Invalid raw signature. Check HTML tags.
badsiglength (Talk) Your signature is too long. It must not be more than $1 {{PLURAL:$1|character|characters}} long.
badtitle (Talk) Bad title
badtitletext (Talk) The requested page title was invalid, empty, or an incorrectly linked inter-language or inter-wiki title. It may contain one or more characters that cannot be used in titles.
bitrate-bits (Talk) $1 bps
bitrate-exabits (Talk) $1 Ebps
bitrate-gigabits (Talk) $1 Gbps
bitrate-kilobits (Talk) $1 kbps
bitrate-megabits (Talk) $1 Mbps
bitrate-petabits (Talk) $1 Pbps
bitrate-terabits (Talk) $1 Tbps
bitrate-yottabits (Talk) $1 Ybps
bitrate-zetabits (Talk) $1 Zbps
blanknamespace (Talk) (Main)
blankpage (Talk) Blank page
block (Talk) Block user
block-log-flags-angry-autoblock (Talk) enhanced autoblock enabled
block-log-flags-anononly (Talk) anonymous users only
block-log-flags-hiddenname (Talk) username hidden
block-log-flags-noautoblock (Talk) autoblock disabled
block-log-flags-nocreate (Talk) account creation disabled
block-log-flags-noemail (Talk) email disabled
block-log-flags-nousertalk (Talk) cannot edit own talk page
blocked-mailpassword (Talk) Your IP address is blocked from editing, and so is not allowed to use the password recovery function to prevent abuse.
blocked-notice-logextract (Talk) This user is currently blocked. The latest block log entry is provided below for reference:
blockednoreason (Talk) no reason given
blockedtext (Talk) '''Your username or IP address has been blocked.''' The block was made by $1. The reason given is ''$2''. * Start of block: $8 * Expiry of block: $6 * Intended blockee: $7 You can contact $1 or another [[{{MediaWiki:Grouppage-sysop}}|administrator]] to discuss the block. You cannot use the "email this user" feature unless a valid email address is specified in your [[Special:Preferences|account preferences]] and you have not been blocked from using it. Your current IP address is $3, and the block ID is #$5. Please include all above details in any queries you make.
blockedtitle (Talk) User is blocked
blockip (Talk) Block user
blockip-legend (Talk) Block user
blockip-title (Talk) Block user
blockipsuccesssub (Talk) Block succeeded
blockipsuccesstext (Talk) [[Special:Contributions/$1|$1]] has been blocked.<br /> See the [[Special:BlockList|block list]] to review blocks.
blockiptext (Talk) Use the form below to block write access from a specific IP address or username. This should be done only to prevent vandalism, and in accordance with [[{{MediaWiki:Policy-url}}|policy]]. Fill in a specific reason below (for example, citing particular pages that were vandalized).
blocklist (Talk) Blocked users
blocklist-addressblocks (Talk) Hide single IP blocks
blocklist-by (Talk) Blocking admin
blocklist-expiry (Talk) Expires
blocklist-nousertalk (Talk) cannot edit own talk page
blocklist-params (Talk) Block parameters
blocklist-rangeblocks (Talk) Hide range blocks
blocklist-reason (Talk) Reason
blocklist-summary (Talk)  
blocklist-target (Talk) Target
blocklist-tempblocks (Talk) Hide temporary blocks
blocklist-timestamp (Talk) Timestamp
blocklist-userblocks (Talk) Hide account blocks
blocklog-showlog (Talk) This user has been blocked previously. The block log is provided below for reference:
blocklog-showsuppresslog (Talk) This user has been blocked and hidden previously. The suppress log is provided below for reference:
blocklogentry (Talk) blocked [[$1]] with an expiry time of $2 $3
blocklogpage (Talk) Block log
blocklogtext (Talk) This is a log of user blocking and unblocking actions. Automatically blocked IP addresses are not listed. See the [[Special:BlockList|block list]] for the list of currently operational bans and blocks.
bold_sample (Talk) Bold text
bold_tip (Talk) Bold text
booksources (Talk) Book sources
booksources-go (Talk) Go
booksources-invalid-isbn (Talk) The given ISBN does not appear to be valid; check for errors copying from the original source.
booksources-isbn (Talk) ISBN:
booksources-search-legend (Talk) Search for book sources
booksources-summary (Talk)  
booksources-text (Talk) Below is a list of links to other sites that sell new and used books, and may also have further information about books you are looking for:
boteditletter (Talk) b
brackets (Talk) [$1]
broken-file-category (Talk) Pages with broken file links
brokenredirects (Talk) Broken redirects
brokenredirects-delete (Talk) delete
brokenredirects-edit (Talk) edit
brokenredirects-summary (Talk)  
brokenredirectstext (Talk) The following redirects link to non-existent pages:
bydate (Talk) by date
cachedspecial-refresh-now (Talk) View latest.
cachedspecial-viewing-cached-ts (Talk) You are viewing a cached version of this page, which might not be completely actual.
cachedspecial-viewing-cached-ttl (Talk) You are viewing a cached version of this page, which can be up to $1 old.
cancel (Talk) Cancel
cannotchangeemail (Talk) Account email addresses cannot be changed on this wiki.
cannotdelete (Talk) The page or file "$1" could not be deleted. It may have already been deleted by someone else.
cannotdelete-title (Talk) Cannot delete page "$1"
cannotundelete (Talk) Undelete failed: $1
cant-block-while-blocked (Talk) You cannot block other users while you are blocked.
cant-move-to-user-page (Talk) You do not have permission to move a page to a user page (except to a user subpage).
cant-move-user-page (Talk) You do not have permission to move user pages (apart from subpages).
cant-see-hidden-user (Talk) The user you are trying to block has already been blocked and hidden. Since you do not have the hideuser right, you cannot see or edit the user's block.
cantcreateaccount-text (Talk) Account creation from this IP address ('''$1''') has been blocked by [[User:$3|$3]]. The reason given by $3 is ''$2''
cantcreateaccounttitle (Talk) Cannot create account
cantmove-titleprotected (Talk) You cannot move a page to this location because the new title has been protected from creation
cantrollback (Talk) Cannot revert edit; last contributor is only author of this page.
cascadeprotected (Talk) This page has been protected from editing because it is included in the following {{PLURAL:$1|page, which is|pages, which are}} protected with the "cascading" option turned on: $2
cascadeprotectedwarning (Talk) '''Warning:''' This page has been protected so that only users with administrator privileges can edit it because it is included in the following cascade-protected {{PLURAL:$1|page|pages}}:
categories (Talk) Categories
categories-summary (Talk)  
categoriesfrom (Talk) Display categories starting at:
categoriespagetext (Talk) The following {{PLURAL:$1|category contains|categories contain}} pages or media. [[Special:UnusedCategories|Unused categories]] are not shown here. Also see [[Special:WantedCategories|wanted categories]].
category-article-count (Talk) {{PLURAL:$2|This category contains only the following page.|The following {{PLURAL:$1|page is|$1 pages are}} in this category, out of $2 total.}}
category-article-count-limited (Talk) The following {{PLURAL:$1|page is|$1 pages are}} in the current category.
category-empty (Talk) ''This category currently contains no pages or media.''
category-file-count (Talk) {{PLURAL:$2|This category contains only the following file.|The following {{PLURAL:$1|file is|$1 files are}} in this category, out of $2 total.}}
category-file-count-limited (Talk) The following {{PLURAL:$1|file is|$1 files are}} in the current category.
category-media-header (Talk) Media in category "$1"
category-subcat-count (Talk) {{PLURAL:$2|This category has only the following subcategory.|This category has the following {{PLURAL:$1|subcategory|$1 subcategories}}, out of $2 total.}}
category-subcat-count-limited (Talk) This category has the following {{PLURAL:$1|subcategory|$1 subcategories}}.
category_header (Talk) Pages in category "$1"
categorypage (Talk) View category page
changed (Talk) changed
changeemail (Talk) Change email address
changeemail-cancel (Talk) Cancel
changeemail-header (Talk) Change account email address
changeemail-newemail (Talk) New email address:
changeemail-no-info (Talk) You must be logged in to access this page directly.
changeemail-none (Talk) (none)
changeemail-oldemail (Talk) Current email address:
changeemail-password (Talk) Your {{SITENAME}} password:
changeemail-submit (Talk) Change email
changeemail-summary (Talk)  
changeemail-text (Talk) Complete this form to change your email address. You will need to enter your password to confirm this change.
changepassword (Talk) Change password
changepassword-success (Talk) Your password has been changed successfully!
changepassword-summary (Talk)  
cite-desc (Talk) Adds <nowiki><ref[ name=id]></nowiki> and <nowiki><references/></nowiki> tags, for citations
cite_error (Talk) Cite error: $1
cite_error_empty_references_define (Talk) <code><ref></code> tag defined in <code><references></code> with name "$1" has no content.
cite_error_group_refs_without_references (Talk) <code><ref></code> tags exist for a group named "$1", but no corresponding <code><references group="$1"/></code> tag was found, or a closing <code></ref></code> is missing
cite_error_included_ref (Talk) Closing <code></ref></code> missing for <code><ref></code> tag
cite_error_ref_no_input (Talk) Invalid <code><ref></code> tag; refs with no name must have content
cite_error_ref_no_key (Talk) Invalid <code><ref></code> tag; refs with no content must have a name
cite_error_ref_numeric_key (Talk) Invalid <code><ref></code> tag; name cannot be a simple integer. Use a descriptive title
cite_error_ref_too_many_keys (Talk) Invalid <code><ref></code> tag; invalid names, e.g. too many
cite_error_references_group_mismatch (Talk) <code><ref></code> tag in <code><references></code> has conflicting group attribute "$1".
cite_error_references_invalid_parameters (Talk) Invalid <code><references></code> tag; no parameters are allowed. Use <code><references /></code>
cite_error_references_invalid_parameters_group (Talk) Invalid <code><references></code> tag; parameter "group" is allowed only. Use <code><references /></code>, or <code><references group="..." /></code>
cite_error_references_missing_group (Talk) <code><ref></code> tag defined in <code><references></code> has group attribute "$1" which does not appear in prior text.
cite_error_references_missing_key (Talk) <code><ref></code> tag with name "$1" defined in <code><references></code> is not used in prior text.
cite_error_references_no_key (Talk) <code><ref></code> tag defined in <code><references></code> has no name attribute.
cite_error_references_no_text (Talk) Invalid <code><ref></code> tag; no text was provided for refs named <code>$1</code>
cite_error_refs_without_references (Talk) <code><ref></code> tags exist, but no <code><references/></code> tag was found
cite_references_prefix (Talk) <ol class="references">
cite_references_suffix (Talk) </ol>
clearyourcache (Talk) '''Note:''' After saving, you may have to bypass your browser's cache to see the changes. * '''Firefox / Safari:''' Hold ''Shift'' while clicking ''Reload'', or press either ''Ctrl-F5'' or ''Ctrl-R'' (''⌘-R'' on a Mac) * '''Google Chrome:''' Press ''Ctrl-Shift-R'' (''⌘-Shift-R'' on a Mac) * '''Internet Explorer:''' Hold ''Ctrl'' while clicking ''Refresh'', or press ''Ctrl-F5'' * '''Opera:''' Clear the cache in ''Tools → Preferences''
collapsible-collapse (Talk) Collapse
collapsible-expand (Talk) Expand
cologneblue.css (Talk) /* CSS placed here will affect users of the Cologne Blue skin */
cologneblue.js (Talk) /* Any JavaScript here will be loaded for users using the Cologne Blue skin */
colon-separator (Talk) :
columns (Talk) Columns:
comma-separator (Talk) ,
common.css (Talk) /* CSS placed here will be applied to all skins */
common.js (Talk) /* Any JavaScript here will be loaded for all users on every page load. */
compare-invalid-title (Talk) The title you specified is invalid.
compare-page1 (Talk) Page 1
compare-page2 (Talk) Page 2
compare-rev1 (Talk) Revision 1
compare-rev2 (Talk) Revision 2
compare-revision-not-exists (Talk) The revision you specified does not exist.
compare-selector (Talk) Compare page revisions
compare-submit (Talk) Compare
compare-title-not-exists (Talk) The title you specified does not exist.
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comparepages-summary (Talk)  
compareselectedversions (Talk) Compare selected revisions
confirm (Talk) Confirm
confirm-purge-bottom (Talk) Purging a page clears the cache and forces the most current revision to appear.
confirm-purge-top (Talk) Clear the cache of this page?
confirm-unwatch-button (Talk) OK
confirm-unwatch-top (Talk) Remove this page from your watchlist?
confirm-watch-button (Talk) OK
confirm-watch-top (Talk) Add this page to your watchlist?
confirm_purge_button (Talk) OK
confirmdeletetext (Talk) You are about to delete a page along with all of its history. Please confirm that you intend to do this, that you understand the consequences, and that you are doing this in accordance with [[{{MediaWiki:Policy-url}}|the policy]].
confirmedittext (Talk) You must confirm your email address before editing pages. Please set and validate your email address through your [[Special:Preferences|user preferences]].
confirmemail (Talk) Confirm email address
confirmemail_body (Talk) Someone, probably you, from IP address $1, has registered an account "$2" with this email address on {{SITENAME}}. To confirm that this account really does belong to you and activate email features on {{SITENAME}}, open this link in your browser: $3 If you did *not* register the account, follow this link to cancel the email address confirmation: $5 This confirmation code will expire at $4.
confirmemail_body_changed (Talk) Someone, probably you, from IP address $1, has changed the email address of the account "$2" to this address on {{SITENAME}}. To confirm that this account really does belong to you and reactivate email features on {{SITENAME}}, open this link in your browser: $3 If the account does *not* belong to you, follow this link to cancel the email address confirmation: $5 This confirmation code will expire at $4.
confirmemail_body_set (Talk) Someone, probably you, from IP address $1, has set the email address of the account "$2" to this address on {{SITENAME}}. To confirm that this account really does belong to you and activate email features on {{SITENAME}}, open this link in your browser: $3 If the account does *not* belong to you, follow this link to cancel the email address confirmation: $5 This confirmation code will expire at $4.
confirmemail_error (Talk) Something went wrong saving your confirmation.
confirmemail_invalid (Talk) Invalid confirmation code. The code may have expired.
confirmemail_invalidated (Talk) Email address confirmation canceled
confirmemail_loggedin (Talk) Your email address has now been confirmed.
confirmemail_needlogin (Talk) You need to $1 to confirm your email address.
confirmemail_noemail (Talk) You do not have a valid email address set in your [[Special:Preferences|user preferences]].
confirmemail_oncreate (Talk) A confirmation code was sent to your email address. This code is not required to log in, but you will need to provide it before enabling any email-based features in the wiki.
confirmemail_pending (Talk) A confirmation code has already been emailed to you; if you recently created your account, you may wish to wait a few minutes for it to arrive before trying to request a new code.
confirmemail_send (Talk) Mail a confirmation code
confirmemail_sendfailed (Talk) {{SITENAME}} could not send your confirmation mail. Please check your email address for invalid characters. Mailer returned: $1
confirmemail_sent (Talk) Confirmation email sent.
confirmemail_subject (Talk) {{SITENAME}} email address confirmation
confirmemail_success (Talk) Your email address has been confirmed. You may now [[Special:UserLogin|log in]] and enjoy the wiki.
confirmemail_text (Talk) {{SITENAME}} requires that you validate your email address before using email features. Activate the button below to send a confirmation mail to your address. The mail will include a link containing a code; load the link in your browser to confirm that your email address is valid.
confirmrecreate (Talk) User [[User:$1|$1]] ([[User talk:$1|talk]]) deleted this page after you started editing with reason: : ''$2'' Please confirm that you really want to recreate this page.
confirmrecreate-noreason (Talk) User [[User:$1|$1]] ([[User talk:$1|talk]]) deleted this page after you started editing. Please confirm that you really want to recreate this page.
content-failed-to-parse (Talk) Failed to parse $2 content for $1 model: $3
content-model-css (Talk) CSS
content-model-javascript (Talk) JavaScript
content-model-text (Talk) plain text
content-model-wikitext (Talk) wikitext
content-not-allowed-here (Talk) "$1" content is not allowed on page [[$2]]
continue-editing (Talk) Go to editing area
contribsub2 (Talk) For {{GENDER:$3|$1}} ($2)
contributions (Talk) {{GENDER:$1|User}} contributions
contributions-summary (Talk)  
contributions-title (Talk) User contributions for $1
converter-manual-rule-error (Talk) Error detected in manual language conversion rule
copyrightpage (Talk) {{ns:project}}:Copyrights
copyrightwarning (Talk) Please note that all contributions to {{SITENAME}} are considered to be released under the $2 (see $1 for details). If you do not want your writing to be edited mercilessly and redistributed at will, then do not submit it here.<br /> You are also promising us that you wrote this yourself, or copied it from a public domain or similar free resource. '''Do not submit copyrighted work without permission!'''
copyrightwarning2 (Talk) Please note that all contributions to {{SITENAME}} may be edited, altered, or removed by other contributors. If you do not want your writing to be edited mercilessly, then do not submit it here.<br /> You are also promising us that you wrote this yourself, or copied it from a public domain or similar free resource (see $1 for details). '''Do not submit copyrighted work without permission!'''
copyuploaddisabled (Talk) Upload by URL disabled.
create (Talk) Create
create-this-page (Talk) Create this page
createaccount (Talk) Create account
createaccount-text (Talk) Someone created an account for your email address on {{SITENAME}} ($4) named "$2", with password "$3". You should log in and change your password now. You may ignore this message, if this account was created in error.
createaccount-title (Talk) Account creation for {{SITENAME}}
createaccountblock (Talk) account creation disabled
createaccounterror (Talk) Could not create account: $1
createaccountmail (Talk) Use a temporary random password and send it to the specified email address
createaccountreason (Talk) Reason:
createacct-another-email-ph (Talk) Enter email address
createacct-another-join (Talk) Enter the new account's information below.
createacct-another-realname-tip (Talk) Real name is optional. If you choose to provide it, this will be used for giving the user attribution for their work.
createacct-another-submit (Talk) Create another account
createacct-another-username-ph (Talk) Enter the username
createacct-benefit-body1 (Talk) {{PLURAL:$1|edit|edits}}
createacct-benefit-body2 (Talk) {{PLURAL:$1|page|pages}}
createacct-benefit-body3 (Talk) recent {{PLURAL:$1|contributor|contributors}}
createacct-benefit-head1 (Talk) {{NUMBEROFEDITS}}
createacct-benefit-head2 (Talk) {{NUMBEROFARTICLES}}
createacct-benefit-head3 (Talk) {{NUMBEROFACTIVEUSERS}}
createacct-benefit-heading (Talk) {{SITENAME}} is made by people like you.
createacct-benefit-icon1 (Talk) icon-edits
createacct-benefit-icon2 (Talk) icon-pages
createacct-benefit-icon3 (Talk) icon-contributors
createacct-captcha (Talk) Security check
createacct-email-ph (Talk) Enter your email address
createacct-emailoptional (Talk) Email address (optional)
createacct-emailrequired (Talk) Email address
createacct-error (Talk) Account creation error
createacct-helpusername (Talk)  
createacct-imgcaptcha-help (Talk)  
createacct-imgcaptcha-ph (Talk) Enter the text you see above
createacct-join (Talk) Enter your information below.
createacct-realname (Talk) Real name (optional)
createacct-reason (Talk) Reason
createacct-reason-ph (Talk) Why you are creating another account
createacct-submit (Talk) Create your account
createacct-yourpassword-ph (Talk) Enter a password
createacct-yourpasswordagain (Talk) Confirm password
createacct-yourpasswordagain-ph (Talk) Enter password again
created (Talk) created
creating (Talk) Creating $1
creditspage (Talk) Page credits
cur (Talk) cur
currentevents (Talk) Current events
currentevents-url (Talk) Project:Current events
currentrev (Talk) Latest revision
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