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iMacros Shortcut Keys

All these shortcut keys are supported in the iMacros Browser, but some are not available in iMacros for IE

Function Key combination Supported in iMacros for IE
Play F5 yes
Pause/Resume (either play or record) F6 only during recording
Stop (either play or record) F7 only during recording
Edit F9 yes
Record Ctrl+F5 yes
Append recording Alt+F5 yes
Add Comment (to recording) Shift + Ins no
Macro Open Ctrl+M no
View Sidebar F8 no
Online Manual F1 no
Settings F12 no
Recording Options Ctrl+F12 no
Recording mode Auto Shift+F1 no
Recording mode Expert Shift+F2 no
Recording mode Selector Ctrl+F2 no
Recording mode DS Shift+F3 no
Recording mode Events Shift+F4 no