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Takes a screenshot of the current browser content or the current website.

Syntax iMacros Browser IE Plug-in Firefox Chrome

int ret_code = iimTakeBrowserScreenshot ( String FILEPATH, int 0/1 )


  • String FILEPATH
    Defines where to save the screenshot. e.g. "c:\myscreenshots\testpage.png"
    Output always is in PNG format
  • Int 0 or 1
    "0": take screenshot of browser (including browser GUI itself and browser error messages)
    "1": take screenshot of complete webpage (webpage only, no browser GUI); required for tray/silent mode

iMacros for Internet Explorer supports both modes, Firefox supports both modes except in v. 9.0.3, where neither one works (fix in progress), iMacros for Chrome supports mode 1 only.

Return Codes


 i = iim1.iimPlay("salesforce test1")
 'Take screenshot of error
 If i < 0  then
   iscr = iim1.iimTakeBrowserScreenshot ("./screenshot salesforce error  "  & Hour(Now)&Minute(Now)&Second(Now) & ".png")  
   if iscr  < 0 then MsgBox "Could not take browser screenshot" 
 end if


  1. You must specify a value of 1 for the second parameter when running in tray or silent mode.

See Also

iimInit, iimPlay, iimDisplay, iimExit, iimGetLastError, iimGetLastExtract