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Changes the iMacros Browser's and iMacros Sidebar's window title at any time between playbacks. The user can customize the window title instead of the default title "iMacros Browser" or "iMacros". The Scripting Interface command is not supported in the trial version of iMacros.

Note: Available in iMacros as of version 11.5. Supported for iMacros Browser and IE Sidebar.

Syntax iMacros Browser IE Plug-in

iret = iim1.iimSetWindowTitle( String WindowTitle )


  • String WindowTitle
    A String that modifies the browser window title. It is a custom name set by the user.


Visual Basic Script example:

 Dim iim1,i
 Set iim1= CreateObject ("imacros")
 i=  iim1.iimOpen
 If i < 0 Then 
    msgbox iim1.iimGetErrorText()
    i = iim1.iimSetWindowTitle("CompanyName")
 End If

Powershell example:

$imacros = New-Object -ComObject "iMacros"
Set iMacros Browser window title as the current process ID using Poweshell, for instance.

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