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Note: The WINCLICK command is deprecated. It has been replaced with DS CMD=CLICK X=... Y=... CONTENT=...

The WINCLICK sends standard mouse clicks within the browser window to the coordinates specified by the X and Y parameter (PRO and SCRIPTING Editions only). Typically WINCLICK is used to automate web pages that contain non-HTML elements such as Java-applets or Macromedia Flash elements. The WINCLICK command can send keystrokes to the web browser via the CONTENT attribute.

The difference between the WINCLICK and the CLICK command

  • The WINCLICK commands operates on the visible part of the web page, just a like human would with a mouse. Thus WINCLICK X=1 Y=400 will always click on the specific part of the browser window. If the web page is scrolled then the click hits another part of the web page.
  • The CLICK command operates on the complete browser web page (HTML) only. So CLICK X=1 Y=980 will always click on the specific HTML element at this position of the page regardless of whether the element is currently visible in the browser window or not. Whether or not the web page is scrolled a specific X/Y combination always hits the same part of the web page.


WINCLICK X=n Y=m [CONTENT=some_content]


  • X
    Specifies the x (horizontal) coordinate of the website element that is to be clicked.
  • Y
    Specifies the y (vertical) coordinate of the website element that is to be clicked.
    Specifies the value that is send to the clicked element. In addition to regular text it can send special keys:
    • {ENTER}
      Send an Enter (Return) keystroke.
    • {TAB}
      Send a Tabulator keystroke.
    • {DEL}
      Send a Delete keystroke.
      Send a Backspace keystroke.
    • {LEFT}
      Send a Left Cursor keystroke.
    • {RIGHT}
      Send a Right Cursor keystroke.


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