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Navigates to a URL in the currently active tab.

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Note: iMacros automatically inserts a URL GOTO command at the start of every recording. However, the command is not required. It can be removed. Removing this command is useful if you want the macro to continue where another macro (or a human user) left off. Without URL GOTO, iMacros continues at the exactly same position, without reloading the page.


  • GOTO
    Specifies the URL to go to.


If you want to open a second website, use the following code:

' open a webpage in the first tab 
URL GOTO=http://imacros.net
' open a new tab 
' get new tab to foreground 
TAB T=2 
' load another page 
URL GOTO=http://www.google.com

Using Javascript

The URL can also call Javascript functions that are either defined in this line or are embedded in the page (V6.22 and later):

 URL GOTO=javascript:alert("TEST"); 
 URL GOTO=http://imacros.net
 URL GOTO=javascript:openDemo('shared/flash/imacros1',820,650);
 TAB T=2

Spaces in the Javascript code need to be replaced with <SP>. For example:

if(frames.length<1){alert('This page has'+document.links.length+' links.');}else{alert('The page has frames!');}


URL GOTO=javascript:if(frames.length<1){alert('This<SP>page<SP>has<SP>'+document.links.length+'<SP>links.');}else{alert('The<SP>page<SP>has<SP>frames!');}

The URL GOTO command by default outputs the result of the evaluated Javascript expression on a new page in the current tab. If you want to manipulate an element on the page and don't want the result to be processed by the URL GOTO command, you need to wrap it in some other call or expression that does not evaluate to any value.

For example, to change the value of the Name field on the demo Fill Form page, you can wrap the call in console.log() as follows:

URL GOTO=http://demo.imacros.net/Automate/TestForm1
URL GOTO=javascript:console.log(document.getElementById("name").value='Test');

Example to scroll the web page:

URL GOTO=javascript:window.scrollBy(0,20000)

Open a local file

 URL GOTO=file:///D:/test/image.png
 URL GOTO=file:///D:/test/report.html

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