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Personal Edition

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iMacros End User License Agreement


A Personal Edition license provides additional functionality to iMacros for Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer beyond what the freeware versions offer, as well as grants users the right to use the software in their company/business.

Feature Free edition Paid version (any) Affected commands
Play macros Only as bookmarks, up to 50 lines. As bookmarks and files, any length
Record macros Only as bookmarks, up to 50 lines As bookmarks and files, any length
Save macros Only as bookmarks As bookmarks and files
Read input from CSV files No Yes !DATASOURCE
Save extracted data to file No Yes SAVEAS, SAVEITEM
Make screenshots of webpage No Yes SCREENSHOT, SAVEAS
Save stopwatch data to a file No. Data can still be referenced in macro via the !STOPWATCHTIME variable Yes !FILESTOPWATCH, !FOLDER_STOPWATCH
Profile macro performance No Yes !FILE_PROFILER

Installation & License Activation

iMacros for Chrome and Firefox Chrome Firefox

Please see the iMacros WebExtensions page for steps on installing the required software for these browsers and activating the license.

iMacros for IE Internet Explorer

Note: You cannot activate the license with the freeware version of iMacros for IE.

  1. Install iMacros for IE using the installer available in your Progress Community account.
    Note: File Access for iMacros Extensions is not required for iMacros for IE.
  2. After installing, start IE and make sure to click Enable when prompted to enable the iMacros Browser Helper Object.

    Enable iMacros BHO
  3. Click the iMacros icon iMacros on the browser toolbar (or select iMacros for IE from the browser's Tools menu).
    If the evaluation screen appears,
    Click the 'Already an iMacros customer?" link.
    Click the Person icon Account-icon.png (to the right of Home and Tools) in the lower portion of the iMacros sidebar, then click the License button
  4. Enter your full Personal Edition activation code (not the serial number) into the Activation dialog and click Validate.

Trouble Activating

If you encounter any errors or have any issues activating the license, please contact our Customer Service.

First Steps

After you have installed the iMacros extension in your browser you will see the iMacros icon in the toolbar, which is used to open the iMacros sidebar. First we recommend that you look at a few demo macros. After this start recording your own first macro. To get started, a simple website like this wiki or our company website are good. To record, open the iMacros sidebar and click the record button. When you are done recording, click the stop button. You can then playback the macro or view/edit the macro code.

Spend some time to get familiar with this wiki, it has lots of in-depth information on all iMacros functionality, as well as have a look at the Resources page on the iMacros website.

Getting Help

For issues activating the license, see the above section. If you run into any other issues, please don't hesitate to reach out on the iMacros forums. Take a good look through the forums before asking your question, we might already have a solution or work around available!

For direct email and phone support from a Progress technical support representative, consider upgrading to a Professional or Enterprise Edition license.

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