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Prints the current browser window on your default printer.

When you use the PRINT command the dialog manager takes over with the values defined in the ONPRINT command. Thus you can select a specific printer by using ONPRINT P=3. In this case the third printer is used. If you use only P= or P=* the most recently selected printer is used. Typically this is the default windows printer, but if you select another printer before (e. g. with P=3) then printer #3 is used.

If the page uses frames and you want to print only a specific frame then select this frame with DS CMD=CLICK X=... Y=... first.

Tip: If you want to print PDF files with the Acrobat Reader Plug-In you need to add "ONDIALOG POS=1 BUTTON=OK" command before the PRINT statement.

Purpose: The PRINT commands is typically used by customers that use iMacros for web automation e. g. they run macros that automatically log into a website, trigger a series of reports and then have the macro print them out.

Syntax iMacros Browser IE Plug-in



None, but the printer can be selected with the ONPRINT command. The reason why the printer selection is not part of the PRINT command is that sometimes websites start the print dialog automatically. Then the ONPRINT command catches the print dialog and automates it. So the purpose of the PRINT command is only to trigger the print dialog, everything else is done by ONPRINT.


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