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If iMacros license activation fails because your computer is not connected to the internet, or a firewall has blocked iMacros activation client to communicate with Ipswitch servers, you still may activate iMacros using the offline process.

Activation error if computer is not online.

The process requires that you have access to a computer with a browser able to connect to the internet.

Generate an offline activation file

The offline activation file (OFA file) is generated in the offline machine, using iMacros activator ipsactive.

  1. Open a command prompt and change to the directory containing Ipsactive.exe.
  2. For iMacros 12 and later, type:

     cd %localappdata%\Ipswitch\iMacros

    For iMacros 11.5 and older, type:

     cd %appdata%\Ipswitch\iMacros
  3. Run Ipsactive.exe using the appropriate RRN value for the version you are activating.
  4. If activating iMacros 12 type the following:

     ipsactive.exe /rrn 1416

    If activating iMacros 11.5 type the following:

     ipsactive.exe /rrn 1410

    If activating iMacros 11 type the following:

     ipsactive.exe /rrn 1393

    For activating iMacros 10.1 - 10.4, type the following:

     ipsactive.exe /rrn 1386
  5. Enter your activation key in Ipsactive UI and un-check the box in order to force offline activation.
  6. Follow the instructions on the UI to generate an offline activation file. Copy the file to a machine with internet access.
  7. After generating the offline activation file (license.ofa), click Cancel to exit the Ipswitch Product Activation app.

          *** DO NOT continue following the instructions in this application, but rather, proceed with the steps below.***

Download a license file

The license file is created in Ipswitch activation servers, therefore you need to have access to the internet from the computer where you are going to perform the next steps.

  1. Open a web browser and navigate to
  2. Select 'Upload OFA File' for the method of offline activation and click Submit.
  3. Browse to the file you have brought from the offline computer (here license.ofa) in order to upload it.
  4. Save license.txt and transfer it to the offline computer.

Copy license file to offline computer

  1. Copy the license file to any place in the offline computer and start iMacros.
  2. Go to Activate iMacros in the Help menu and click on Have a license file
  3. Browse to the license file and confirm. iMacros will move the license file to the right location and, after restart, iMacros is licensed.
Instruct iMacros to use an existing license file.