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In automatic recording mode iMacros tries to determine the best attribute for the generated TAG command automatically using the following order:

  1. Try to use one of the preferred attributes {"ID", "NAME", "SRC", "ACTION"} (+ the VALUE attribute).
    In other words, if VALUE is available, there will be a pair, where the first of the pair is one of the above list items in that order, and the second is VALUE.
  2. Try to use innerText for identification of non-form elements.
    If step 1 above returns empty, iMacros attempts to use TXT (without VALUE) next, and then HREF plus VALUE.
  3. Use the first attribute with a non-empty value if none of the above preferred attributes are found.

The value of the POS=<x> parameter in the TAG command is adjusted automatically. Example: If you select the 3rd identical element in a page, it will be POS=3.

The relationship between a recorded TAG command and the actual web page HTML code is fully documented. There is also an example page to test the iMacros recording. Advanced users can use this documentation to manually created TAG commands based on the HTML source of the website and/or have a program generate the iMacros macro commands.