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API enhancements

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Starting in iMacros version 7.40, the Scripting Interface has a few new methods. Some of them add new features, while some cover the functionality of existing methods, but with improved comfort. We continue to support all old API functions, so this upgrade does not break any existing applications or scripts that use iMacros.

The following table summarizes the changes:

Previously New What changed
iimInit(String commandLine ,bool openNewBrowser, "", "", "", int timeout) iimOpen(String commandLine , bool openNewBrowser, int timeout) The new method does not require the 3 deprecated empty parameters.
iimGetInterfaceVersion() iimGetInterfaceVersion() No changes
iimPlay(String macro, int timeout) iimPlay(String filename, int timeout) No changes
iimPlayCode(String macroCode, int timeout) iimPlayCode is a comfort method which takes the macro code as parameter (no need for the "CODE:" keyword)
iimDisplay(String message, int timeout) iimDisplay(String message, int timeout) No changes
iimSet (String varName, String varValue) iimSet(String varName, String varValue) No changes
iimGetLastError() iimGetErrorText() Only name changed
iimGetLastExtract(int index_of_extracted_text) iimGetExtract(int index_of_extracted_text) Only name changed
iimGetLastPerformance(int index, String name, string value) iimGetStopwatch(int index, String name, string value) Only name changed
iimTakeBrowserScreenshot(String filePath, int mode) iimTakeBrowserScreenshot(String filePath, int mode) No changes
iimGetPerformance() New method which retrieves the XML fragment containing the performance profile, if the -profile switch was used
iimExit(int timeout) iimClose(int timeout) Only name changed