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This is the version history (often also called change log or release notes) for our iMacros Professional and Enterprise web automation solution, including iMacros for Internet Explorer.

There are separate change logs for the iMacros for Firefox and iMacros for Chrome browser add-ons.

Older versions are available for customers to download via their Progress Community account or upon request.

What's new

Version 2021, Hotfix (v14.2.3.3) Released November 19, 2021

Download page:

  • Fixed: The personal edition of the installer installed the full set of files, including iMacros applications, which are not applicable.
  • Fixed: File Access worked only for the users who installed it, not for other users on the same machine.
  • Fixed: iMacros behaves incorrectly, when input type attribute is in upper case on the website
  • Improved: The installer has been modified to have better font and color to improve visibility. Also, the version inconsistency issues have been resolved.
  • Improved: The installer is now bundled with shortcuts to Manage Activation and Deactivation of license. This shortcut can be found under the Start Menu and has to be run with Admin Privileges.

Version 2021.0.0, Hotfix (v14.2.2.5) Released August 18, 2021 iMacros 2021.0

Download page:

  • Fixed: Installer throws warning on upgrade and uninstall "iMacros is still running. Please click on OK to exit the Upgrade. Stop the iMacros process and try again." even if there isn't any instance running on non-English Operating systems
  • Fixed: Installer issue where Personal and Professional Edition doesn't include JRE for install and un-install of the product

Version 2021.0.0, Hotfix (v14.2.2) Released August 03, 2021 iMacros 2021.0

Download page:

  • Added: Progress-branded iMacros Editor and third-party editor support.
  • Added: Demo macros/scripts and example projects included in installer.
  • Added: Support for SAVEITEM and EVENT:SAVEITEM commands to download various formats of files (PDF, JPEG, HTM, etc).
  • Added: New Web Security Setting to support websites that have CORS (Cross-Origin Resource Sharing).
  • Fixed: Multiple issues related to TAG and EVENT commands. This will improve the playback capability.
  • Fixed: SAVEAS command doesn't work for HTM file type.
  • Fixed: Variable substitution doesn't work with Stopwatch commands.
  • Fixed: TAG command recorded in expert mode doesn't playback.
  • Fixed: TAG command recorded with missing parameter(s) results in playback error.
  • Fixed: Playing macro for a website having cross-origin frames reports an error.


  • During installation if you wish to install the samples, the existing samples with the same names will be overwritten. Please make a back-up of existing modified sample files, if any.
  • For a complete list of changes and differences from iMacros 12.6 including commands no longer supported and other known issues in this release, please refer to the Version 2021 Release Notes.

Version 2021.0.0 (v14.2.0) Released May 18, 2021 iMacros 2021.0

Download page:

Please note: The current version of iMacros bundles the File Access Module for browser extensions in the installer and will work according to the license being used during activation.

  • New: iMacros 2021.0 is built on the open source CEF (Chromium Embedded Framework) and aims to provide the same level of automation as iMacros 12.6 and additional capability to automate websites which work only on Modern Web Browsers.
  • New: Friendly rich user interface.
  • New: Comprehensive logging and Integrated macro editor.
  • New: !LOG_EXTRACTED_DATA. Set this variable to change the behavior of whether to log the extracted data or not from the website
  • New: PRINTPDF to print the current page to a PDF file.
  • New: !IGNORE_ELEMENTNOTFOUND. Set this variable to YES to ignore Element Not Found errors. Playback will stop on timeout, or other errors.
  • New: !IGNORE_TIMEOUT Set this variable to YES to ignore timeout errors. Playback will stop on element not found, or other errors.
  • New: PROXY setting available at application level
  • Modified: Relative Positioning in iMacros 2021 works the same as with iMacros for Chrome and Firefox.
  • Improved: File Access for browser extensions is now bundled with the same installer and is activated for Personal, Professional, and Enterprise Edition customers automatically.

See also: For a complete list of changes and differences from iMacros 12.6 including commands no longer supported and other known issues in this release, please refer to the Version 2021 Release Notes.

Version 12.6, Released November 12, 2019

Direct download link

Please note: Professional and Enterprise Edition customers who are upgrading and who use either iMacros for Chrome or Firefox will also need to install the latest File Access for iMacros Extensions module.

  • New: Playlist to run a collection of macros one after the other, with individual loop values. Run playlists from the iMacros UI or the command line. Playlists can be created using the iMacros Editor. An example of a playlist json file is also in the samples installer.
  • New: API method iimGet to get a variable (user-defined or internal) after playback. Practically all macro variables can now be read in a macro as well.
  • Added: FORWARD command to navigate forward.
  • Added: Recording Options button to the Tools tab, so it is now possible to set recording options from IE Sidebar without having to start a recording
  • Added: Decrypt DS and IMAGECLICK content previously encrypted with the Editor or iMacros Password Tool page
  • Improved: Stored master password is now encrypted with logged user credentials
  • Improved: iMacros for IE checks if iMacrosBHO is enabled and notifies user to enable it, in case it is not yet
  • Added: syntax help when an invalid command-line (or -help) parameter is specified
  • New: Handle print output dialog from ONPRINT to a PDF/XPS printer (Windows 8/Windows Server 2012 and above)
  • Fixed: Javascript dialogs no longer being detected/handled in non-English Windows after recent Win10/IE update (update 1903)
  • Fixed: Print dialog not handled from iMacros for IE
  • Fixed: No performance data if playback via iimPlayCode due to unnamed macro code
  • Fixed: Macros encryption key longer than 16 characters causing a crash
  • Fixed: iMacros applications reporting Windows 10 version as 6.3.9600.0, when it should report 10
  • Fixed: Setting !CLIPBOARD to an empty string results in error -1000
  • Fixed: ONDOWNLOAD fails to find the downloaded file after changing IE download folder
  • Fixed: Crash when clicking the sidebar Help button when logged in as the built-in Administrator
  • Fixed: Editor does not recognize and highlight files with capitalized extensions like .IIM
  • Fixed: Multiple Editor crashes when the iMacros highlight files are missing
  • Fixed: JavaScript code exported by the Editor is obsolete and not complete
  • Fixed: Setting !WINDOW_TITLE breaks the upload functionality
  • Fixed: Missing the version of iMacros-Fx extension in the Troubleshooting Info

Version 12.5, Released November 07, 2018

  • Fixed: Client certificate dialogs suppressed or not handled by ONCERTIFICATEDIALOG
  • Fixed: ONLOGIN not handled on new tabs and no longer working in IE11, Windows 10
  • Added: option to restart the browser immediately after changing the emulation mode
  • Improved: Updated the troubleshooting info with Firefox and Chrome versions and extensions, File Access, currently used libraries, and licensed product
  • Improved: Record embedded spaces using quotes rather than escape sequences like <SP>
  • Improved: New installer step to choose the installation type based on product edition
  • Improved: iMacros Editor
    • added current file name/path to the window title
    • added status bar to iMacros Editor with several important information about the file being edited, such as encoding, current cursor position, total number of lines, insert/overwrite status
  • Fixed: several issues with the iMacros Editor window
  • Fixed: iMacros Browser Professional Edition hangs if started with -silent (CLI)
  • Fixed: an error should be reported when attempting to use ADD with an unsupported variable
  • Fixed: iMacros throws error -1000 if the length of the URL is too long
  • Fixed: !REPLAYSPEED is ignored on every second playback
  • Fixed: Variable substitution with embedded spaces not working correctly
  • Fixed: iimOpen with runner fails for Firefox
  • Fixed: Crash while recording back and forward navigation to 403 error
  • Fixed: IE Sidebar: TAB CLOSEALLOTHERS does not work as expected during recording
  • Improved: Throw error for an empty TXT attribute
  • Removed: loop warning dialog since there is no longer a Play (Loop) button

Version 12.0, Released August 16, 2017

iMacros&Editor v12.png
  • Improved: Faster and more reliable Image Validation algorithms C and D. The new Algorithm B uses memory more efficiently
  • New: Completely redesigned iMacros Editor 12, with custom syntax highlighting
    • New, modern look in the editor including all dialog windows
    • The most used functions are now always at hand in the sidebar tools panel
    • New: Dark and Custom code highlighting themes reachable from the Settings menu
    • An iMacros Code Color Styler that allows you to set the highlighting colors for the iMacros code. The settings are saved in an xml file that can be transferred and used on other iMacros installations.
    • Customize the syntax highlighting rules also for VBScript, JavaScript, C#, Java, and XML files by modifying the XML Syntax Highlighting Definition files (.xshd) directly.
  • New: Completely redesigned UI
    • New colors, modern and clean design, user-friendly experience
    • Simplified iMacros Browser main menu. Redundant items were removed (Play, Record, etc.)
    • iMacros Browser main menu items moved into one single drop-down menu
    • New main menu buttons (icons), for standard browser actions (home, navigate forward, navigate backward, and refresh)
    • Record and replay buttons are now combined with pause, to better access pause/resume functionalities during recording or playback
    • Record/Pause, Play/Pause, and Stop are always shown on the sidebar. No more switching tabs between record and playback actions
    • Play button now includes play loop functionality
    • Recording Options can be docked to iMacros Browser window and accessed at any time during recording
    • Open new tab from the tab context menu
    • You can now sort your macros also by date, placing the most recent on top. This way it is easy to find the last recorded macro
  • New: Set a custom name for new recordings. It is also possible to add a timestamp to the new macro name
  • New: Pause/resume recording
  • New: Append recording to an existing file
  • Added: Parameter FAIL=YES/NO for IMAGESEARCH. If Fail=true, the command throws error NonExpectedImageFound = -1850 when image is found. There is no replay on failure
  • Added: New macro command DISPLAY to display a message in the sidebar
  • Improved: iMacros and iMacros Editor now use only FIPS compliant, AES-256 encryption. Encrypted macros and passwords using previous versions can still be decrypted, but in a non-compliant way.
  • Improved: Use !PLAYBACKDELAY (continuous) instead !REPLAYSPEED in settings - global and as macro command. The current value of !PLAYBACKDELAY is added to recorded macros as a comment. !REPLAYSPEED is still supported in macros.
  • Fixed: Download size calculation in the status bar was not accurate
  • Fixed: Clicking Stop when single-stepping through the macro plays the next command and then stops
  • Fixed: Edit button (error panel) remains without action after running the macro from the Editor
  • Fixed: Command line interface is calling the wrong bit instance of iMacros for IE (iMacros.Sidebar.exe) and no parameters passed over to it
  • Fixed: Page screenshot of IE from scripting interface (iimTakeBrowserScreenshot) does not get saved if the folder does not exist
  • Fixed: iimTakeBrowserScreenshot (type browser) is no longer working for latest iMacros for Firefox
  • Fixed: Tray and silent modes are no longer working when using the scripting interface
  • Fixed: EVENT command with XPATH not replaying
  • Fixed: iMacros browser crashes when attempting to open a macro file using the File menu (Ctrl-M)
  • Fixed: iMacros crashes attempting to access the Options dialog in some rare situations
  • Fixed: iMacros crashes if .iim file is locked by another process
  • Fixed: Image Validation wizard "Add command" button should be enabled only when an Image is selected
  • Fixed: "Search image must be smaller than source image" wrong error code. It is now -1830
  • Fixed: Removed superfluous select components in the freeware and freeware samples installers
  • Fixed: iMacros crashes on activation attempt if it can't write to the user's AppData folder (Roaming). It uses now Local instead. If this fails, it will create folder .Ipswitch in UserProfile
  • Fixed: iMacros reports wrong EPM value (IE11). Usually associated with failure of making page screenshots and perform any Image Validation tasks in IE11, Windows 10.
  • Fixed: Downloading the same file no longer creates a backup of the existing file (0Kb .bak files are created in some cases). Files downloaded with !USE_DOWNLOADMANAGER YES also create a .bak file
  • Fixed: Macro code invisible during playback after closing the Settings dialog
  • Fixed: iMacrosControl Handle not created (iMacros.Component)
  • Fixed: iMacros extracts 0 rather than actual value of Total fields on Set !X_ALT_ATTRIBUTE_VALUE to yes to get the expected value
  • Fixed: iMacros (Browser and Sidebar) and fonts are being resized to the default at 100% when playing a SET or PROMPT command in Windows 10 at a larger scale value
  • Fixed: Upload file dialog is not handled in IE11, Windows 10, when in Protected Mode
  • Updated to .Net 4.6.2 and VC++ Runtime 2015 (14.0), including samples
  • Removed support for Windows XP

Version 11.5, Released October 13, 2016

  • New: Selenium Integration. iMacros Editor can now export iMacros macros to Java Selenium WebDriver code. Use any iMacros (for Chrome, for Firefox, for Internet Explorer, or iMacros Browser) to record elements on a webpage and export the commands to Java Selenium code directly from the iMacros Editor.
  • Added: ability to change the iMacros browser emulation on the UI in iMacros Browser. Show emulation mode on status bar and troubleshooting form. Added methods to do the same in the iMacros Component, GetBrowserEmulationMode() and SetBrowserEmulationMode(), as well their use is shown in the C# sample code.
  • Added: variable !HTTP_ERRORCODE to retrieve last navigation error >= 400 (HTTP errors)
  • Added: command line parameter -title to change window title of iMacros Browser and iMacros for IE (imacros.sidebar.exe). Use Keyword #PID# to set the title (from command line or iimOpen) as "iMacros PID:<pid>", where <pid> is the current process Id. Use variable !WINDOW_TITLE to set title from macro (no read access!). Use iimSetWindowTitle to change window title at any time between playbacks from scr. interface.
  • Added: remaining !FOLDER_XXX variables. !FOLDER_DATASOURCE (read/write), !FOLDER_DOWNLOAD (read/write), !FOLDER_MACROS (read-only), !FOLDER_LOG (read/write). The variable is overwritten only during the macro runtime.
  • Added: scripting interface support for Firefox 64-bit and Chrome 64-bit
  • Improved: demo macros and example scripts, including a Powershell example script.
  • Fixed: Download not being handled when iMacros browser doesn't have focus.
  • Fixed: Some elements of the Kendo UI (web library) not working with the iMacros browser. Needs registry setting SetPointerEventNull to turn feature on.
  • Fixed: EVENT command does not scroll to the found object. Set element coordinates after localizing the element via EVENT, to allow using !TAGX and !TAGY with EVENT as well.
  • Fixed: Respect !ERRORIGNORE when throwing NoDialogHandler=1450. Don't stop macro, but write message in log file.

Version 11.1, Released March 17, 2016

  • Improved: Do not display waiting for image search thread.
  • Fixed: iMacros crashing attempting to display the troubleshooting info.
  • Fixed: Trial version reporting trial expired when installing after iMacros for IE freeware has been installed for more than a month.
  • Fixed: SI error -4 message still referring to iimInit (correct method name is iimOpen).
  • Fixed: Scripting interface not compatible with Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2015 on Windows 8.1 in Scripting Interface binaries version and iimRunner
  • Fixed: Relative positioning not working properly after updating to iMacros 11.0.
  • Fixed: Encrypted macro files (.iimx) not showing up in the macro list on some systems.
  • Improved: Associate iimx files to iMacros.
  • Improved: Edit disabled for encrypted (.iimx) macros.
  • Fixed: Download manager downloading HTML source code rather than target file and new DL manager downloading 0 KB file. iMacros now detects whether the download is the result of a POST and falls back to IE's default download manager.
  • Fixed: File appears to download but can't be found on disk.
  • Fixed: New download manager saves file using temporary file name.

Version 11.0, Released October 6, 2015

  • Added: new recording mode EVENT - often useful for AJAXy websites
  • Added: TAG SELECTOR command, to localize element using CSS selectors.
  • Added: Variable !PLAYBACKDELAY to fine tune delay (in seconds) between commands. Besides this new variable, it is possible to use the preset values of !REPLAYSPEED (FAST = no delay, MEDIUM = delay of 1s, and SLOW = delay of 2s.)
  • Improved: Reduced incidence of recording TAG command with POS=0. In case element with calculated attributes cannot be found, record TAG SELECTOR command
  • Improved: iMacros Editor window minimizes itself when playing a macro, and restores itself when playback stops
  • Improved: iMacros Editor persists settings, as well its last position and size
  • Improved: iMacros Editor persists list of 10 most recent used files
  • Improved: Added shortcut to the Samples installer in the iMacros group in the start menu and on the desktop
  • Fixed: Recording Office 365 login fails
  • Fixed: iMacros 10 recording inconsistently compared to iMacros 9
  • Fixed: Direct Screen support for Java 8 in iMacros Browser
  • Fixed: Playback of dynamically loaded drop-downs fails because iMacros does not know to wait
  • Fixed: Many more smaller fixes and improvements!

Version 10.4, Released April 7, 2015

  • Added: custom install folder
  • Fixed: not possible to abort macro execution while downloading
  • Fixed: !TIMEOUT_DOWNLOAD variable not being reset after macro execution and accepts value=0
  • Fixed: wrong default file name of download in iMacros browser
  • Added: scripting interface method iimGetBrowserPid to retrieve process id of the last opened browser with iimOpen
  • Fixed: PROMPT command throwing error after IE11 update (KB3025390) released 17-Dec-2014
  • Improved: PROMPT dialog sizing according to contents
  • Fixed: IE and external sidebar "walking" off the screen when the Windows taskbar is positioned at the top or side of the desktop
  • Improved: make the sidebar undockable from the browser window. This option is available in the notification area (tray icon)
  • Fixed: iMacros Component not creating folder structure as set in the registry
  • Fixed: examples and demo macros not being installed for non-admin user. Samples now have their own installer which is called at first time use.
  • Fixed: Out of memory error using SAVE_ELEMENT_SCREENSHOT
  • Fixed: SAVE_ELEMENT_SCREENSHOT truncates the image if the desktop resolution is too small
  • Added: complete page screenshot support in IE9+ (iMacros.Sidebar.exe), including ImageRecognition on parts of the page not visible in the browser window
  • Fixed: macro that contains only a URL statement to a non-existing webpage returning a false positive
  • Fixed: uninstallers not signed

Version 10.3, Released January 12, 2015

  • Fixed: TAG and SEARCH commands error in IE11 after Windows Update KB3025390
  • iMacros Browser: Completely rewritten and improved ONDOWNLOAD manager. The key differences between the old and the new download manager are:
    • Rewritten download manager, better suited for mass-downloading, web performance monitoring and load testing.
    • Download specific timeout command: !TIMEOUT_DOWNLOAD
    • Web testing and transaction monitoring: In addition to checksum, we support now checks on file size inside the ONDOWNLOAD command
    • Web scripting: File size and name are returned in the variables !DOWNLOADED_SIZE and !DOWNLOADED_FILE_NAME, respectively.
    • The new variables are supported in the iMacros Browser and iMacros for IE. We plan to support in Firefox and Chrome asap.
iMacros Browser download manager - note the progress bar in the bottom left corner. No more pesky download dialog boxes appear during macro replay.
  • New: handle authentication playback in iMacros Browser without dialog
  • New: handle authentication problems during playback in iMacros Browser without dialog
  • New: handle missed content issues during playback in iMacros Browser without dialog
  • Added: new command ONINSECURECONNECTION to handle mixed content instead of ONSECURITYDIALOG
  • Added: SIZE parameter in ONDOWNLOAD command to check size of downloaded file
  • Added: log file download stats in performance log file
  • Added: variable !USE_DOWNLOADMANAGER to switch between new “no-dialog” download manager and former dialog manager during ONDOWNLOAD playback
  • Added: display macro runtime on the status bar when macro finished successfully

Version 10.2, Released October 23, 2014

  • Fixed: Maintenance release, some bugfixes and minor tweaks.

Version 10.1, Released September 18, 2014

  • Changed/Improved: New licensing logic
  • Fixed: Smaller bugfixes and stability enhancements

Version 10.02, Released May 28, 2014

  • Changed/Improved: iMacros now watches for a page load after every TAG command
  • Improved: Simpler sample script Connect-to-Cr.vbs
  • Improved: Added installer option to suppress opening browsers
  • Improved: License key cryptography algorithms is now FIPS compliant
  • Improved: Scripting interface error code and text for a black screenshot after 2 trials (error code = -2)
  • Improved: Alertfox local test now warns user of non-default replay speed
  • Fixed: Many smaller bugfixes and stability enhancements

Version 10.00, Released February 12, 2014

  • Full Internet Explorer 11 and Windows 8/8.1 support
  • New: added 64-bit version of iMacros Sidebar. There are now two different installers, one for x86 systems and another one, with all 64-bit iMacros components, for x64 systems. Because of these important differences in the installer, notice that an uninstall might be required when upgrading.
  • Improved: iMacros Sidebar is now fully compatible with IE's Enhanced Protected Mode.
  • Improved: added support for HTML5 new input types (search, email, range, etc).
  • Removed: iMacros Plugin in Windows running Vista and above. Use the iMacros Sidebar for all Internet Explorer versions. The iMacros Plugin is only available in Windows XP.
  • Fixed: Crashes in Windows 2008 R2. All iMacros binaries are now compatible with DEP
  • Fixed: iMacros fails to record content for some text fields.
  • Fixed: Login screens: The submit button event gets fired before setting the password (when using the TAB key)
  • Fixed: Enable navigation using the TAB key during recording
  • Fixed: Menu item works manually but not while recording
  • Fixed: IE recording skips URL command of typed address
  • Fixed: scripting interface iimGetStopwatch for Fx and Cr exception when index was out of range. Also enables iimGetPerformance for Cr.
  • Fixed: wrong POS of recorded ONDIALOG commands series (resulting from a single TAG)
  • Fixed: The title for the option "Open iMacros outside IE" should be renamed
  • Fixed: Crash at
  • Fixed: enable auto complete form in iMacros Browser and Component
  • Fixed: Image Validation commands generating Trial popups for Standard Edition licensed users
  • Fixed: iimOpen("-ie_ext", false) opening a new browser instance each time
  • Fixed: Changed location of iMacros Browser crash reports to iMacros Logs folder.

Usability hint: With the iMacros Sidebar, the icon in IE only opens the Sidebar. To close the Sidebar use the close button in the Sidebar itself.

Version 9.05, Released September 30, 2013

  • New: "Manage" tab for an improved user interface
  • New: Built-in AlertFox website monitoring integration - create and manage web transaction tests from within iMacros.

Version 9.02, Released September 23, 2013

  • New: SCREENSHOT command
  • Added: Support for the good, old and still popular Win XP + IE8
  • Added: CANCEL parameter in ONDOWNLOAD command to cancel an automatic download
  • Added: iMacros Browser now can open a new tab by (a) choosing "Open in New Tab" command from a link's context menu, (b) clicking the link with the wheel button, or (c) holding the CTRL key while clicking the link
  • Added: Editor support to Play Macro in Sidebar, Firefox, and Chrome, besides iMacros Browser
  • Added: iimOpen ("-ie") support for IE10. If no plugin is installed, it opens the external Sidebar
  • Improved: PROXY command
  • Fixed: EVENT:FAIL_IF_FOUND not working
  • Fixed: ONWEBPAGEDIALOG KEYS parameter recording both surrounding quotes and <SP> resulting in playback failure
  • Fixed: Image Wizard not replacing spaces by <SP> in the "Send MouseClick & Text"
  • This version is now built using the .NET 4 framework.

Version 9.00, Released February 26, 2013

imacros ie10.png
  • Full Internet Explorer 10 compatibility
  • New: iMacros.Sidebar.exe to control IE (8, 9 and 10): iMacros for IE as a separate application. The iMacros plugin is still available for IE8 and IE9
  • New: iMacros.Sidebar.exe accepts all command line options as iMacros.exe (including tray, silent and kioskmode!), plus –iePrivate to start IE InPrivate Browsing mode. Use –ie_ext to call iMacros.Sidebar with the scripting interface.
  • New: Support for Image Recognition in Chrome
  • Added: Play to context menu in macros list
  • Added: support for wildcards in frame names
  • Improved: Error -1350 (navigate error) is now less sensitive, occurring only if error comes from top frame. To fail for errors coming also from other frames, set !FAIL_ON_ALL_NAVIGATEERRORS to YES
  • Note: iMacros 9 is not yet supported on Windows XP, the installer will automatically install iMacros 8 instead.

Version 8.03, Released October 12, 2012

  • Improved Performance 1: Much faster playback and recording
  • Improved Performance 2: Better handling of simultaneous downloads
  • Added: Full Windows 8 support for the iMacros Browser (A iMacros plugin for IE10 will be available soon, too)
  • Added: Firefox browser and iMacros addon version information in Troubleshooting Information
  • Added: Easier password changes: Password Tool (plus tooltip) to encrypt/decrypt passwords inside the iMacros Editor
  • Added: Support for frames with spaces in their names
  • Improved: Reduced delay after download has finished
  • Fixed: Several smaller bug fixes and improvements

Version 8.02, Released June 25, 2012

  • Added: Line with error is selected in editor, when clicking on edit icon in error panel
  • Added: Troubleshooting information display from Help menu and/or About box
  • Added: Recording of navigation using the TAB key
  • Added: Support for Firefox 13 scripting
  • Changed: Due to several incompatibilities, we were forced to remove tab support for IE8. Only IE9, in systems after Vista, have tab support now.
  • Fixed: Several bug fixes and performance tweaks

Version 8.01, Released April 24, 2012

  • Added support for IE9 Browser Confirmation Dialog: "Do you want to close this window"
  • Added Error = -1450 if dialog is shown but no ON...DIALOG was found (only from scripting interface)
  • Added support for Windows 7 style Security dialog: retry login (user name not editable)
  • Changed SET !EXTRACT to clear values before adding new value.
  • Fixed: Issue with Firefox profile support in iimInit ("-fx -fxProfile abc")
  • Fixed DS not yielding control back after pause or popup.
  • Disabled Extract test popups also during loops by default

Version 8.00, Released February 22, 2012

  • Full Macro Encryption
Distribute your macros while protecting their source code. Encrypted macro files have the +.iimx extension.

  • New improved table and text extract wizard
  • Docking windows
Dock the sidebar on the right also, or put it to "float", if you need more space. The new extraction wizards (text and image) can also be docked at any side of the browser, or drag it away to "float".
  • Improved: Embedded tables are properly formatted on extraction.
  • Enhanced: Profiler log file includes timezone identifier in start/end times for easier parsing by external programs.
  • Added: Full support for Certificate/Security dialogs in all current Windows versions.
  • Added: Internet Explorer tabs support also for IE8 on systems above Vista (Vista, Windows 7, Windows 2008, and Windows 2008 R2).

Version 7.x

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