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Example batch file that removes crashed instances of iMacros, Firefox and IE and logs the result.

 echo %date% - %time% ------   >>c:\2imacros\log_taskkill.txt
 taskkill /IM iexplore.exe /F /T  >>c:\2imacros\log_taskkill.txt
 taskkill /IM firefox.exe /F /T  >>c:\2imacros\log_taskkill.txt
 taskkill /IM imacros.exe /F /T >>c:\2imacros\log_taskkill.txt
 taskkill /IM imgr.exe /F /T  >>c:\2imacros\log_taskkill.txt
 taskkill /IM crashreporter.exe /F /T  >>c:\2imacros\log_taskkill.txt
 taskkill /IM WerFault.exe /F /T  >>c:\2imacros\log_taskkill.txt