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iMacros - The unique solution for Web Automation and Web Testing

What is iMacros® ?

In a nutshell, it is the world's first browser-based macro recorder. It allows you to easily record web surfing and replay it.

The web browser is probably the most frequently used software today, but many tasks are repetitious: checking on the same sites every day, remembering passwords, submitting to search engines or testing web sites over and over again. With iMacros, you record these tasks once and then let iMacros execute them whenever you need them.

Any combination of browsing, form filling, clicking, and information gathering can be recorded into a macro and iMacros even assists you during the recording with visual feedback.

Do you need to extract price lists, stock information or any other data from websites?

iMacros can do this for you. It submits data from a file to a website and stores the result from the website in a text file. No programming skills required!

Do you need to test web sites automatically?

Have you ever spent hours browsing your website to re-test it after a change? iMacros can automate almost any kind of web regression and verification testing for you!

How does iMacros compare to big name capture/replay web test software on the market?

iMacros successfully competes with website testing software priced more than US$ 30,000 for only a fraction of the cost! In addition, iMacros allows you to interface iMacros with the well-documented Windows Scripting Host (included in Windows), Visual Basic or any other programming language that runs under Windows. This is a crucial feature for fully automating any given task and is often missing in much more expensive software.

What can iMacros® do for you?

The following list is only some examples of many possibilities. It can do (almost) everything that you can do with a web browser!

If you use iMacros for Internet Explorer, it can do the following:

  • Automatically complete forms.
  • Auto-login to your webmail (and, if you want, also write and send the email for you!).
  • Navigate complex websites repeatedly without user intervention.
  • Transparent, transportable macro files: record on one PC, replay on any other PC that has iMacros installed. In contrast, Microsoft's AutoComplete entries cannot be copied from one PC to another.
  • Secure storage of passwords using the industry standard 256-bit AES encryption algorithm. AES is also used by U.S. Government organizations to protect sensitive information.
  • Keep your privacy: unlike some other form filling tools, iMacros does not send any data back to us. All data is only stored on your local PC.
  • Share your macros with your colleagues and increase productivity for your whole organization.

If you are a Web Professional and use the Standard Edition, it can do the following:

  • Regression test whole areas of complex websites at the click of a button.
  • Automate your search engine submissions, manage Google and Overture Pay per Click search engine listings and biddings automatically, extract information from websites, query online databases and download the results automatically.
  • Internet Monitoring: watch your web site and alert you if the macro encountered a problem on your website. In contrast to plain Internet Monitoring services, iMacros can test online forms of any complexity (e.g. create test orders in an Online store) including Java and Macromedia Flash-based elements.
  • Measure website response times with the STOPWATCH command to create performance statistics.
  • Avoid complicated Perl scripts, Cron jobs, grep, sed, awk, lwp, and other time-consuming Unix tools and commands. In addition, none of these tools have the wide functionality that iMacros has!
  • iMacros can be set to simulate Internet Explorer (IE) completely. In this mode, it is not possible at all for a web server to distinguish between a normal (human) user and the iMacros robot.
  • Extract any table directly into a comma-separated text (CSV) file. These files can be read by almost any spreadsheet software, including Excel.
  • Supports XHTML.

If you are a Web Professional or a software developer and use the Enterprise Edition, it can do the following:

  • Extract data from web pages (web queries).
  • Web-enable your application in 5 minutes.
  • You just have to write a macro and call the iMacros command line or Scripting interface. iMacros does the rest!
  • Use iMacros as an Internet agent, robot or spider.
  • Add "web surfing" and "web query" capability to your Windows Scripts.
  • Ship iMacros with your application. A royalty-free redistribution license is available for a low cost ([1]).

You don't have time to create iMacros yourself?

Do you need more complicated internet functions automated? We create customized solutions for you based on our award-winning innovative software. Please ask or a free quote!

System Requirements

The different iMacros editions have different system requirements. Please see the download page for details.

Good reasons to use iMacros

Save time

iMacros helps you perform your web chores quicker. Downloading, data entry and website testing - iMacros can do all that for you!

Save money

Why pay more for less? iMacros is THE low-cost web testing solution and it even outsmarts its US competitors in many features. Some of the competition charges as much as $30,000 and still has fewer capabilities than iMacros!


You will create your first Internet Macro in less than a minute! No other web automation software is that easy to use.


Automate even the most complicated tasks with the Scripting Interface. Connect iMacros to your favorite programming language. Windows Scripting Host and Visual Basic example programs are included.

Document Web page changes

iMacros can save web pages or even print them out directly.

Be creative

Repetition is unavoidable, but you avoid almost all of it. Let iMacros take over the routine jobs, and save your precious time for the creative part.

iMacros is part of the Progress family of tools and services.