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The iMacros Player iMacros Browser IE Plug-in Firefox

If you plan to distribute your solution we highly recommend the iMacros Enterprise Edition which includes 5 player licenses (more are available at volume pricing).

Features of the iMacros Player:

  • All features of Enterprise Edition, except the ability to record new macros
  • The option to install and run in the background (no visible user interface).

An iMacros Player license allows you to distribute macros, scripts and programs based on iMacros along with a copy of iMacros itself to any user who only requires playback capability. Technically speaking this means that if iMacros is activated with a Player license, your users have all the features of the ENTERPRISE EDITION available except the ability to record new macros.

External Distribution

For distributing macros, scripts and programs based on iMacros to customers/users that are not part of your company or organization, each end-user will require their own iMacros license, e.g. a Player license if they only need to play macros, or another appropriate license depending on the functionality required.

Distributing the iMacros Player setup

You can distribute the normal iMacros trial version setup executable available from your Progress Community account or from http://imacros.net/download.

When installing your custom application on the end-user's computer, you can easily call the iMacros setup from your own custom installer to install the iMacros trial version. You (or the end-user) can then either manually enter the license into iMacros or you can use one of the approaches described below.

Configuring the Player License

Please note: If you are distributing your macros and/or custom iMacros solutions to external customers, each customer/end-user will require their own suitable iMacros license as mentioned above.

iMacros 12.0 and later

You need to provide each user with the iMacros Player license activation code (available in your Progress Community account), which they will enter into the software after installing and running it for the first time. See further details in this FAQ.

iMacros 10.1 - 11.5

You need to distribute your Enterprise Player license file with your application and make an update to the registry. You can obtain your license file from your Progress Community account as explained in this FAQ.

You can give the license file any name and store it in any appropriate folder on the machine. The iMacros LicenseKey registry setting needs to contain the full path to the license file.


iMacros 10.02 and older

If you are using your own custom installer, you can write your legacy Player license key to the iMacros LicenseKey registry setting:


For 10.00 and older the iMacros registry path is:


As an alternative to writing the key in the registry, you can program your custom application to provide the key in the call to iimOpen (only with versions 10.02 and older):


Additional Notes

  1. The registry settings mentioned above are on a per-user basis (they are stored in HKEY_CURRENT_USER). So if multiple users intend to run your iMacros application on the same machine, you need to make sure the LicenseKey setting is configured for each user account, as mentioned in this FAQ.
  2. If you never obtained your legacy Player license key, you can generate one using your (legacy) primary Enterprise key on this page.

Changes in an existing installation

Edit Settings

All iMacros settings are stored in the registry (see also this forum post for some use cases for manipulating the registry directly). But since you can change most settings through the user interface editing the registry is not required or recommended for most users.

Note: The iMacros for Firefox settings are not stored in the registry. Here we follow the Firefox standard and store the addon settings in the Firefox user profile, so the iMacros for Firefox setting are per user. You can view and edit them by typing "about:config" in the address line. You can even select a certain user profile via the iimInit "-fxProfile" switch.

Enter about:config to access the iMacros for Firefox settings

Edit Paths

All iMacros paths can be changed directly in the user interface. To change them, go to the EDIT tab, click OPTIONS and open the PATH tab:

iMacros Paths