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In case you want us at iMacros to develop a solution for you, here's some hints on how to quickly get the project going.

Getting in touch

Getting a free quote is easy: just contact us using the form at

However, the more information we get right from the start, and the more detailed the description is, the quicker we can work on estimating complexity (and thus: costs) of the project.

Project description

What, then, is relevant information?

We will illustrate the necessary parts with a sample project: fetching data from a real estate property site.

URLs to access

As all macros work on web pages, we need to know the URLs of all relevant sites.

If these are accessible with a login only, please provide a (test) login.

Steps to be automated

Keep in mind that we are not as familiar with the site you want to automate, as you are. That's why we need detailed information about

  • what links to follow
  • to enter what text into what fields
  • what checkboxes to check, what radiobuttons to select
  • what, exactly, to extract, if extraction is part of the macro (e.g. "extract last name, city and ZIP", and not "get address")
  • ...

We recommend using a tool like Snagit to provide a series of annotated screenshots for visually showing each step in addition to providing a written description.

Input-/Output samples

If the project relies on e.g. web queries or on forms to fill, we need a sample of input files that

  • tell us about the input layout (i.e. how many columns, what kind of data in what column)
  • lets us test the site using this input data. Note that we need valid input data for testing the site!

With respect to the output, we need a sample, too, as it

  • gives us more information about what exactly to extract
  • tells us how much "formatting" the "raw" extracted data will need

The default format for input/output is CSV files that Excel / OpenOffice.Org et al. can import/export. However, almost every other format is possible, too. Just tell us what you need:

  • XML
  • SQL datbases
  • custom text files
  • ...

What programming/scripting language to use

In most cases of automation, VBS scripts are sufficient.

But (e.g. in case you need a "real" user interface) other scripting/programming languages are possible, too, like:

  • C#
  • Java
  • ...

In case you want a user interface, please specify what elements of input/output (e.g. free text input, dropdown boxes, information about progress) the interface should show.

Error handling

When automating websites, several kinds of errors may occur:

  • Disconnection
  • Server error
  • Invalid actions
  • "Empty" query results

Please specify how to handle them, e.g.

  • Restart script on disconnection
  • Check whether actions were performed correctly
  • What to do with empty result: ignore? Save as "empty"? ...

Sample Project Description

Here's how the necessary information would look like in a sample project (which is described with full source code here: VBS_looping). The aim of this project is to automate the extraction of real-estate data from a certain website.

Note that Progress Software Corp. is not affiliated with any of the companies that show up in the following sample project description.

URLs to access

The solution would start at

Initial site.png

Steps to be automated

  • On start page: select "New York" and "Manhattan", then click "Go"
  • on next page: select "All Manhattan" and click "Search"
  • on results page: select "List View" to get the list of data that is to be extracted
    Select list view.png
  • On this list, we need to extract the following data from each of the properties listed:
    • Street
    • District (given below street)
    • Kind of property (same line as district)
    • Price
    What to extract.png
  • And we need to extract all results on the first three pages of result (accessible via the "Next" link")
    Loop through pages.png

Input-/Output samples

There is no input (it is always New York/Manhattan that is worked on).

Extraction file format is CSV and here's a sample of the result file.

"795 FIFTH AVENUE", "Upper East Side", "Co-op", "$70,000,000"
"EAST 68TH STREET", "Upper East Side", "House", "$64,000,000"

What programming/scripting language to use

The script is to be run nightly without user interaction. Thus, scheduling a VBS script is enough for this solution.

Error handling

The following features are needed:

  1. Report success/failure to log file
  2. If any of the steps above fail, indicate that the script ended with error.
  3. On error, raise pop-up window