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Returns the XML fragment containing the performance data of the last macro run, if performance logging has been enabled (see Performance Profiler for details.)

Syntax iMacros Browser IE Plug-in Firefox Chrome

string macro_node = iimGetPerfomance()





Dim imacros, iret 
Set imacros = CreateObject("imacros") 
iret = imacros.iimOpen(-profiler) 
iret = imacros.iimPlay("FillForm")
MsgBox imacros.iimGetPerformance()


  • Output from iimGetPerformance() is not a complete XML document, but an XML fragment - only the macro node. The calling script or program should append this node to a complete XML document in a root element.
  • Use SET !FILE_PROFILER NO to avoid the generation of a performance log file by iMacros itself.
  • The command line switch -profiler should be used in iimOpen, for example: iimOpen(-cr -profiler). See Performance Profiler for details.

See Also

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