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Returns the value of a macro variable after its playback. This function can retrieve the value of any macro variable that you can get in the macro with {{var_name}}


  • !EXTRACT, as it already has its own method, iimGetExtract.
  • !CLIPBOARD is not passed to the scripting interface for security reasons since it is always populated, even if not by the macro and can carry sensitive information without the user being aware of it.
  • !COLn, as it is only available as long as the data file is open and being read. Once playback stops, the file closes and !COLn values are lost.

Syntax iMacros Browser IE Plug-in

String var_value = iimGet ( String var_name )


  • String var_name
    The name of the variable in CAPITAL LETTERS, even if the user variable was defined in lower case, because internally iMacros converts all variable names to upper case.


url= imacrosObject.iimGet("!URLCURRENT")

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