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Displays a short message in the iMacros browser. A typical usage would be to distinguish several running iMacros Browsers or display information on the current position within the script.

Syntax iMacros Browser IE Plug-in Firefox Chrome

int ret_code = iimDisplay ( String message [, int timeout] )


  • String message
    The message that is to be displayed in the iMacros Browser
    #HIDEDISPLAY# - hides the message box
    #KIOSKMODE# - enables kiosk mode
    #KIOSKMODEOFF# - disables kiosk mode
  • int timeout
    The optional timeout value determines when the Scripting Interface returns a timeout error if the command is not completed in time. The default value is 10 seconds.


Visual Basic Script example:

Dim imacros1, imacros2, iret 

Set imacros1 = CreateObject("imacros") 
iret = imacros1.iimInit() 
iret = imacros1.iimDisplay("This is the 1st iMacros Browser")   

Set imacros2 = CreateObject("imacros") 
iret = imacros2.iimInit() 
iret = imacros2.iimDisplay("This is the 2nd iMacros Browser")

In iMacros for Chrome, if the sidebar is not available (e.g. if you start the browser from scripting interface API or run macros from bookmarks menu) errors and iimDisplay() messages are shown in a desktop notification pop-up window.

See Also

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