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This is the version history (often also called changelog or release notes) for our iMacros 7 web automation solution, including iMacros for Internet Explorer. There is a separate changelog for the iMacros for Firefox and iMacros for Chrome browser addons.

Version 7.51, Released October 31, 2011

  • Improved: STOPWATCH measurements
  • CLEAR command now clears session cookies!
  • Fixed DS issues in new IE9 plugin
  • iimGetPerformance() support for the Firefox addon (needs version Use iimOpen(-fx -profiler)

Version 7.50, Released October 21, 2011

One of the many new iMacros 7.5 features: Support for controlling multiple tabs in Internet Explorer 9 and later.

Version 7.40, Released August 8, 2011

One of the many editor/debugging usability enhancements in V7.4: Support for multiple lines selection and copy to clipboard (Ctr+C) commands during recording, select recorded commands and copy them to clipboard

Version 7.36, Released May 31, 2011

  • Added: Switch to manage Chrome profiles via iimInit ("-cr -crUserDataDir profile"). Perfect for running many simultaneous Chrome browsers with separated cookies and cache. Google Chrome browser automation also supports iimRunner now.
  • Added: ONDOWNLOAD support for IE9's new download notification bar. Now we have full IE9 support. Hooray :-)
  • Added: Expert click mode records a commented FRAME command with frame number
  • Added: Performance log (XML) command entry also for macro errors, like "Macro Timeout"
  • Improved: Firefox' iimPlay("CODE:..") supports UTF-8 characters
  • Improved: Automatic macro list refresh supports now subfolders and mapped drives
  • Improved: Macro list remembers position after playing a macro
  • Changed: reduced thickness of recording and playback highlighting (green and blue boxes, respectively), for aesthetic reasons.
  • Fixed: iMacros Browser sometimes crashing when "Disable script error notifications" is unchecked (rare issue)
  • Fixed: several smaller issues related to recognizing dialogs (javascript dialogs, webpage dialogs, etc) in non-English systems
  • Fixed: ONDOWNLOAD missing the SaveAs dialog in Internet Explorer versions 8 and below
  • Fixed: ONERRORDIALOG CONTINUE=NO was not aborting macro on script errors

Version 7.31, Released April 15, 2011

  • Considerably improved performance
  • Added: performance profiling feature (see Log Performance for more details)
  • Added: improvements in the Extract Image Wizard
  • Added: new commands to tasks in record tab
  • Added: iMacros detects navigation errors like HTTP 404, for instance. iMacros return code = -1350
  • Added: x64 support for Firefox scripting interface
  • Added: automatic refreshing macros list
  • Fixed: whole page screenshot not taking page width into account
  • Fixed: SAVEPICTUREAS (SAVE_ELEMENT_SCREENSHOT) saving more than the target image
  • Fixed: !IMAGEX and !IMAGEY not reset at play start
  • Fixed: page opened in new window/tab after login or download not working
  • Fixed: some controls not showing properly with "medium fonts" (Windows 7)
  • Fixed: "Use regional settings in CSV files" not taking effect until after iMacros is restarted

Version 7.22, Released March 02, 2011

  • Added: IE9 support (for two remaing issues see this post). See also IE9 Nags for general IE9 tips.
  • Added: Support for controlling iMacros for Firefox with iimRunner (with iMacros for Firefox and above)
  • Added: Support for iimTakeBrowserScreenshot() in Firefox, both modes (with iMacros for Firefox and Firefox 4.0)
  • Updated: iimRunner is now "iMacros RunAs Agent"
  • Fixed: Save Image wizard not detecting frame
  • Fixed: Editor not coming to front when opening second macro
  • Fixed: Extraction Wizard not using wildcard * in suggested anchor
  • Fixed: SAVETARGETAS event following link instead of saving target
  • Fixed: Extraction Wizard not working when clicking an element for the first time
  • Fixed: last element not being recorded

Version 7.21, Released February 02, 2011

  • Fixed: Password decryption not working

Version 7.20, Released January 26, 2011

  • Added: Scripting Interface version 80328: iimInit ("-fx") support for Firefox 4 (with iMacros for Firefox 7.1.0 Beta) => See forum post
  • Added: iMacros Editor, with iMacros syntax highlighting, line numbers and several other features for editing macros
  • Added: #FOLD# parameter for !REGION_BOTTOM/RIGHT to denote the current browser fold
  • Added: Buttons for Image Recognition Wizard and other tasks on sidebar (accessible also from IE)
  • Fixed: SIZE command not supporting variable substitution
  • Fixed: Extraction Wizard not detecting frame
  • Fixed: recording of ONDOWNLOAD command
  • Fixed: script error dialogs appearing in iMacros Browser during Record and/or Play
  • Fixed: download not waiting for user
  • Fixed: recorded macro not being saved after "Test Command(s)" in IR Wizard
  • Fixed: IR Wizard error "Cannot read image file" appearing erratically
  • Fixed: !NOW:hh not returning hour in 24h format
  • Fixed: Javascript and login dialogs are not handled in tray/silent mode

Version 7.12, Released December 06, 2010

  • Added: FILEDELETE command
  • Added: Visual Basic (VBA, VB6, and VB.NET) example projects
  • Added: Open iMacros Macro to File menu in the iMacros Browser
  • Fixed: iimInit ("-ie") fails with error -1020 (Unsupported Browser)
  • Fixed: recording inside frames producing duplicate TAG commands
  • Fixed: recording duplicate TAG commands in some cases
  • Fixed: endless repeating wait loop when submitting form on second tab
  • Fixed: 'sys64key is null' error after installing freeware plugin
  • Fixed: DS not recording keystrokes
  • Fixed: DS not recording correct timing information
  • Fixed: not correctly distinguishing between different types of INPUT elements
  • Fixed: SET !ERRORIGNORE YES not ignoring error -1230 (File Not Found)
  • Fixed: System.IO.IOException writing to iMacros log when running multiple instances
  • Fixed: iMacros button on IE toolbar not in sight.

Version 7.10, Released November 12, 2010

  • Added: New Image Recognition Wizard
  • Added: ImageSearch in a subregion (use SET !REGION_LEFT, !REGION_TOP, !REGION_RIGHT, !REGION_BOTTOM)
  • Added: !MARKOBJECT option to disable drawing the border on tagged elements
  • Added: stealth mode feature
  • Added: !USERAGENT (as in the Firefox addon)
  • Added: iimTakeBrowserScreenshot(filepath,1) for Chrome
  • Fixed: Tag command "missing click" on some forms
  • Fixed: file Download dialog only handled when iMacros is in the foreground and has focus
  • Fixed: wrong text extracted from javascript Prompt dialog
  • Fixed: iMacros.exe process not terminated in WinXP when launched from script and user closes browser during playback
  • Fixed: Search not working in frames
  • Fixed: not handling JS dialogs in non-English OS
  • Fixed: not waiting for the page to load

Version 7.05, Released October 14, 2010

  • Added: SAVEITEM command
  • Added: navigation sounds (IE clicks) are now disabled in silent or tray mode.
  • Added: Refresh Macro List to Macros List context menu
  • Added: RETRY=YES/NO parameter to ONLOGIN
  • Fixed: STOPWATCH results file not created when macro encounters an error
  • Fixed: empty extract not being added to extracted values [iimGetLastExtract()]
  • Fixed: waiting for page load after tab is closed
  • Fixed: Search command bug ([1])
  • Fixed: incorrect variable replacement in TAG... ATTR= when variable contains spaces
  • Fixed: variable replacement in PROXY command
  • Fixed: iimInit(..., False) only attaches to an existing instance that was also launched from the scripting interface
  • Fixed: iMacros window flashes if started in silent or tray mode
  • Fixed: ONCERTIFICATEDIALOG throwing syntax error -1100
  • Fixed: unhandled exception being thrown by SAVEAS TYPE=EXTRACT with empty !EXTRACT
  • Fixed: sizing issues with very low Y values
  • Fixed: status bar tooltip shows full text (status bar shows it cut due to space)
  • Fixed: failing to expand variable in IE ([2])
  • Fixed: deleting macros/folders in the sidebar should send items to the Recycle Bin ([3])
  • Fixed: Stop/Pause not working correctly
  • Fixed: recorder failing to handle web page events properly
  • Fixed: error when accessing a data source file which was already open in Excel
  • Fixed: Image Recognition false positive when the image had a wide solid border
  • Fixed: Download occurring repeatedly in some cases

Version 7.04, Released September 2, 2010

  • Added: Expert mode (use complete HTML tag) option to click mode
  • Added: checkbox to disable logging
  • Added: Home button to iMacros Browser
  • Added: support for TYPE=SELECT ... CONTENT=#2 (select by index)
  • Added: support for variables in XPath string
  • Fixed: relative positioning and some other minor extraction bugs
  • Fixed: TAG XPATH not handling CONTENT
  • Fixed: bug assigning an empty value to a variable (iimset ("foo",""))
  • Fixed: CONTENT=EVENT:FAIL_IF_FOUND not working
  • Fixed: IMAGECLICK CONTENT=xxx<SP>yyy bug
  • Fixed: DialogManager handling PROMPT dialogs
  • Fixed: SAVEPICTUREAS saving wrong image
  • Fixed: installer not warning if iMacros Browser is running
  • Fixed: REFRESH not waiting for page load
  • Fixed: TAG not waiting for page load
  • Fixed: PROXY command not tolerant of trailing blanks and BYPASS syntax problem
  • Fixed: TEXTAREA extraction not working
  • Fixed: TYPE =SELECT EXTRACT=TXTALL not working
  • Fixed: iimGetLastExtract of TYPE=TABLE EXTRACT result not formatted with #NEXT# and #NEWLINE# (SAVEAS still CSV format)
  • Fixed: crash when STOP was clicked during PAUSE
  • Fixed: closing the iMacros Browser during macro execution was not returning -102 to the scripting interface
  • Fixed: !EXTRACTDIALOG not working for javascript dialogs
  • Fixed: Waiting display
  • Fixed: iimGetLastError not returning line number and command which caused error
  • Fixed: CLEAR stalling UI

Version 7.03, Released August 6, 2010

  • Added: TAG POS=1 TYPE=SELECT...CONTENT=0 gives now an error to warn users of changed syntax.
  • Added: Installer gives now an error if iMacros is open during installation.
  • Fixed: "Installation problem ... [Days since install = -1]" message shown after successful install.
  • Fixed: TAB T=2 command not being recorded
  • Fixed: SET !EXTRACT NULL not resetting !EXTRACT
  • Fixed: SIZE command closing iMacros Band in IE
  • Fixed: SET !ENCRYPTION NO triggered error, if used twice
  • Fixed: iMacros installer seemed to stall at "Registering components"
  • Fixed: Several issues related to the license key check.
  • Fixed: Several other issues reported by users

Version 7.02, Released July 22, 2010

  • Fixed: License key entered by typing is not recognized.
  • Fixed: DirectScreen recording fails in iMacros for IE
  • Fixed: Encryption not supported in XP SP3
  • Fixed: Several other issues reported by users

Version 7.01, Released July 14, 2010

  • Added: Support for ONDOWNLOAD ... CHECKSUM to verify downloads (useful for web testing and website monitoring)
  • Added: ONDOWNLOAD ... WAIT=YES now instructs iMacros to wait a few seconds at the end of the macro if a download dialog hasn't yet appeared
  • Added: Choice between comma (",") or the regional settings list separator (usually a semi-colon ";" in Wetern European countries) for reading and writing CSV files
  • Added: Restored support for -var_varname command line switch
  • Added: DS CMD=KEY X=0 Y=0 CONTENT=#ERASEALL# command to clear content from input boxes
  • Fixed: IE plugin does not record URL changes during recording (URL GOTO)
  • Fixed: Several Extract issues

Version 7.00, Released July 7, 2010

  • Based on more than eight years of customer feedback, iMacros 7 is a major upgrade with many new features
  • Free upgrade for all users with an active upgrade protection
  • New User Interface, side bar and toolbar
  • Super-easy Flash automation and Flash web testing with new computer vision based image search algorithm (also supports Java, Silverlight, Flex and all other technologies.)
  • Full Unicode Support
  • Full Win 7 Support
  • Full IE8 Support including Protected Mode.
  • Image Recognition Wizard: New Scan command for finding best parameters automatically
  • New SEARCH command to search in page source code (including comments and javascripts)
  • Improved command compatibility between iMacros for Internet Explorer (IE), Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome.
  • No more 30 column CSV limit + automatic column detection
  • Hide GUI toolbar / sidebar with iimInit ("-kioskmode")
  • XPATH support (useful for hardcore web developers that prefer to manually write their automation scripts)
  • Support for !CLIPBOARD
  • Improved Asian character support for DirectScreen/Flash applets
  • DS CMD=KEY X=0 Y=0 CONTENT=#ERASE# command to clear content from input boxes
  • "..." support (quotation marks can be used instead of <SP>).

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