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This example demonstrates how pass values to a VBS script with WScript.Arguments from the command line. You can use this, for example, to start a VBS file from batch files or the Windows task scheduler.

 If WScript.Arguments.Count = 3 Then
  Macro1 = WScript.Arguments.Item(0)
  Macro2 = WScript.Arguments.Item(1)
  Macro3 = WScript.Arguments.Item(2)
  Wscript.Echo "Usage: MyScript.vbs Macro1 Macro2 Macro3"
 End If

Example: Start Internet Explorer from the command line and run the specified macro. We assume that the VBS file is named "start-ie.vbs".

VBS File:

 If WScript.Arguments.Count = 1 Then
  Macro1 = WScript.Arguments.Item(0)
  Wscript.Echo "Usage: start-ie.vbs Macro1"
 End If
set iim1= CreateObject ("imacros")
'Start Internet Explorer
iret = iim1.iimInit ("-ie")
'Run the macro
iret = iim1.iimPlay(macro1)

'Close IE again
iret = iim1.iimExit(1)

Command Line:

 start-ie.vbs mymacro