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Welcome to the iMacros V7.0 Upgrade Page

Unless otherwise noted this document refers to an upgrade of the iMacros Browser 6.86 or later to the iMacros Browser V7.0 or later.


You can download the latest iMacros 7 release at: https://imacros.net/download/

Note: V6.90 and V7 can be installed and used parallel (Installing V7 does not remove V6).

What's new?

  • Please see the new iMacros 7 Version History for details. We highly recommend the upgrade. It adds many new features (new image recognition wizard, SEARCH command, iMacros Editor, Unicode support, TAB support in Internet Explorer, Performance Profiler,...). It also adds full support for Windows 2008/Win7 and IE9.

Experiencing problems?

Please report any problems to the support team or in the user forum. In the forum, please mention [V7] in your header, so we know it refers to iMacros Version 7.

Upgrading from V6



iMacros 7 is not merely an incremental upgrade of iMacros 6. In fact, it is a major overhaul of the entire product! One advantage of this is that you can install V7 in parallel with V6 and use both at the same time (see below). It is not necessary to uninstall V6 before installing V7!

In order to make iMacros a better product over the long term, certain design decisions were made with iMacros 7 that will cause your existing macros to break or not function exactly as before. Even though we highlight some of these issues below, it is virtually impossible for us to test every single scenario with a product of this nature given the available resources. There undoubtedly will be unknown issues lurking out there, and we will do our best to take care of those issues when they come to our attention and provide fixes as quickly as possible.

The short-term disadvantage is that you need to invest the time and effort to extensively test your existing macros and make the appropriate changes or re-record where necessary. If you are using iMacros for mission-critical and/or revenue-generating purposes, the recommended approach is a staged transition where you can keep your production macros running in V6 while you test and migrate your macros to V7 in a controlled environment. You can keep V6 running until the transition is complete, or you can run V6 indefinitely alongside V7 if you have legacy macros that you do not wish to migrate.

How to test

You can install both V6 and V7 at the same time!

So for example, you can run your old macros still in Version 6.90, while recording new macros in Version 7. This way you can avoid changing old macros that might not work without manual tweaking to some breaking changes between V6 and V7.

Please note that after uninstalling V6 (or V7) you need to re-register the Scripting Interface DLL.

Switch in scripts

Use iimInit ("-v6") or iimInit ("-v7") to switch between both versions.

Change the default version in the registry

Without the -v6 or -v7 parameters a registry entry defines what version is started as default. To change this setting, open the registry, navigate to "HKLM/Software/iOpus/iMacros" (cf. the screenshot for an alternative path on x64 systems) and set "UseV7" to either 1 or 0.

Registry value to set the default version.

Image Recognition

In iMacros V7 we have introduced a new algorithm based on computer vision. This replaced the former (color blind) algorithm B which is now the default.

The new algorithm B can compare the images in gray level (8 bits per pixel, in contrast to 24 or 32 bits per pixel in a color image). In some cases, this might be more effective than the color comparison.

In iMacros V7 we chose to switch to gray level comparison if the user sets the confidence level below 91. Therefore, there might be cases when a confidence level of 90 gives a better match then using 91. We advice you to test first using the ImageSearch wizard which confidence level will give the best result for your image.

Breaking Changes

Our goal is to make all Version 6 macros run in V7 with as little changes as possible. We had to make a few breaking changes, as our other goal was also to make all macros run in IE, Firefox and Chrome without changes. These changes will only affect a few macros, but make your iMacros experience much better in the future.

1. Select (drop-down) box index starts with 1 while V6 used to start counting with 0. So it needs to be incremented by one like in this example:




In iMacros for Firefox/Chrome the index also starts with 1 (forum post), so this change ensures interoperability between the iMacros browser, the IE plugin and the Firefox/Chrome plugins.

2. Different processing of TYPE=*

Example macro:

 URL GOTO=http://www.iopus.com/
 TAG POS=1 TYPE=DIV ATTR=TXT:iMacros<SP>is<SP>the<SP>industry-leading*
 TAG POS=1 TYPE=* ATTR=TXT:iMacros<SP>is<SP>the<SP>industry-leading*

TYPE=* matches a different element in V7. We made the change to match the iMacros for Firefox behavior, which in turn is based on the XPATH standard. The reason why a larger region is highlighted in v7 and Firefox is related to different treatment of ATTR:TXT. The outer region's innerText also matches the pattern "iMacros<SP>is<SP>the<SP>industry-leading*", and the outer region is searched first.

3. Relative positioning is now relative to the html element's end, like in Firefox. Please, see V7 Relative positioning for details.

Example macro:

 URL GOTO=http://www.tiendamovistar.com.ar/Catalog/Catalogo,205.aspx     
 TAG POS=1 TYPE=SELECT FORM=NAME:aspnetForm ATTR=ID:ctl00_MainContent_CategoryInfo1_ctl00_cboSort CONTENT=2

4. STOPWATCH log file format changed

Please see this discussion for details and to give your feedback on the new format.

5. IMAGESEARCH and IMAGECLICK used to wait the full !TIMEOUT period. Now they wait 1/10 of this value by default, just like the TAG commands. The best solution is to define the retry time directly with SET !TIMEOUT_STEP.

6. Input from a List of Variables File is no longer supported. Please use the CSV input method instead or see How to use a List of Variables file with iMacros 7.

7. Table extraction output is different. Please see this forum post for an explanation.

8. When using SAVEAS TYPE=EXTRACT to save just a single extracted item, the item is not surrounded with quotes in the output file.

9. A few rarely used command line switches are deprecated:

  1. -datasource - use iimSet instead
  2. -timeout - use !TIMEOUT_MACRO instead
  3. -useragent - a new useragent change command will be available soon

10. A few rarely used macro commands are deprecated:

  • CMDLINE => use SET instead
  • EXTRACT... old format from Version 5 no longer supported
  • EXTRACT=ID is no longer supported => use SEARCH instead or EXTRACT=HTM then use the EVAL command to parse the value
  • !DATASOURCE_COLUMNS => No longer required (automatic column # detection)
  • !ERRORMACRO => use iimPlay return code instead
  • !TIMEOUT => TIMEOUT_PAGE (!TIMEOUT still supported, but deprecated)
  • !VARDEFAULT, !URLSTART, !POINTER, !FOLDERIMACROS => deprecated because never used
  • WAIT SECONDS=#DOWNLOADCOMPLETE# => no longer necessary.
  • DS CMD=SCREENSHOT => Use SAVEAS command instead.
  • !DIALOGMANAGER => Dialog Manager is always enabled.