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Macro Encryption

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If you would like to distribute your macros, but do not want others to see or edit the contents of your macros, you can protect your iMacros code by encrypting it. This feature is not available in all iMacros editions. Please, see the iMacros Features Comparison Chart to find which edition gives you the ability to encrypt macros.


To encrypt a macro, first select the macro in the iMacros sidebar and, in the Tools tab, click on the button macro in the Encrypt group. There is also a menu item in the Tools menu for that purpose. On the resulting dialog, you can enter your key. Here you will be able to choose several macros to be encrypted with the same key. The encrypted macro(s) will have the same filename as the original, but the new extension is iimx.

Macro Encryption.png


Encrypted macros can be played by any iMacros edition, excluding iMacros for Firefox and Chrome Free/Personal Edition, but users will not see the macro code as it is playing nor will they be able to edit the file. The key however, is not secret. You have to give it to your users so that the macro can be decrypted during playback.

You will only distribute the encrypted macro files (.iimx) to your users.

Macro Decryption Key.png