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If you have installed iMacros 7 and version 6 and decide to uninstall one of them, the scripting interface is no longer going to work until you re-register it. In order to do so you can run the following batch file with administrator rights.

@REM %pf% expands to the right program location depending if it is x86 or x64 system
@set pf=%ProgramFiles%
@if not "[%ProgramFiles(x86)%]"=="[]" set pf=%ProgramFiles(x86)%
@REM To fix iMacros 7 (and later) use the line below (after version 6 was uninstalled)
cd "%pf%\iOpus\iMacros"
@REM To fix iMacros 6 use (after version 7 was uninstalled)
@REM cd "%pf%\iMacros"
regsvr32.exe iimConnector.dll
regsvr32.exe iimInterface.dll
regsvr32.exe  imatl.dll
@REM Comment out the line below if in a 32-bit OS
regsvr32.exe  x64\iimInterface64.dll