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Specifies how to encrypt passwords you use in macros. Applies only to values of password fields. Password fields are the ones where words are displayed using asterisks (*). Setting this variable in your macro will overwrite the settings in the Options -> Security tab.

  1. No encryption
    The password is stored inside the macro in plain text. To activate this option, set !ENCRYPTION to NO.
  2. Encrypted web site passwords
    Passwords are encrypted by a master password that is stored on your own computer. To activate this option, set !ENCRYPTION to STOREDKEY.
  3. Encrypted web site passwords and ask for the Master Password
    The master password is not stored. It is only kept temporarily in memory while you run the macros. To activate this option, set !ENCRYPTION to TMPKEY.

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Value iMacros Browser IE Plug-in Firefox Chrome


Set By

[ ] Internal


Internal means that the iMacros program itself sets the value of the variable during program run. SET means that the user can set this value via the SET command inside a macro.


If you want to unlock the passwords with a password use:


If you want to manually enter all passwords use:



  • Password encryption is currently not supported with DirectScreen or IMAGECLICK commands (this is on our feature request list).

See Also

Password Tool - If you need to change a password inside a macro, you can create new secure password strings with it. Using this tool avoids the need to re-record a macro just because you want to change the password.