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Welcome to the iMacros Community Editions overview page.

iMacros Browser Addons:

The popular iMacros for Internet Explorer, iMacros for Firefox and iMacros for Chrome browser addons are free for private and commercial use. We love the expansive iMacros community. This huge user base benefits everyone, as it forces us to make sure iMacros stays the most powerful and most easy to use web automation product. This in turn also makes the users of the commercial iMacros Edition happy.

Community Forums

Please join us at

Wait a minute…. How can this be free?

Nothing's free, right? Wrong! iMacros for Firefox, iMacros for Chrome and iMacros for Internet Explorer are absolutely free. And here's why: We hope you'll enjoy iMacros so much that you'll consider upgrading to the business editions that include tech support with guaranteed response times and advanced features such as Flash, Silverlight and Java applet automation, image recognition, and a unique scripting interface object (API) that lets you control Firefox, Chrome and IE from any Windows programming or scripting language. Check out our business editions today!