Clone Firefox Profiles

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1. Find your profile

2. Copy it

3. Duplicate the setting in profile.ini.

We also recommend moving the profiles do a different location, so they are not overwritten by Firefox updates by mistake. Example: Move them to c:\profile\f1, c:\profile\f2, c:\profile\f3,... etc.

Example: Assume your profile f1 is stored at c:\2imacros\fxprofiles\f1. Then you can use the following batch file to create the profiles f2 to f9 automatically:

 rem remove temporary files from profile f1
 rmdir /S /Q c:\2imacros\fxprofiles\f1\cache
 rmdir /S /Q c:\2imacros\fxprofiles\f1\bookmarkbackups
 rmdir /S /Q c:\2imacros\fxprofiles\f1\minidumps
 rmdir /S /Q c:\2imacros\fxprofiles\f1\offlinecache
 del  c:\2imacros\fxprofiles\f1\places.sqlite
 del  c:\2imacros\fxprofiles\f1\downloads.sqlite
 rem clean existing profiles
 rmdir /S /Q c:\2imacros\fxprofiles\f2
 rmdir /S /Q c:\2imacros\fxprofiles\f3
 rmdir /S /Q c:\2imacros\fxprofiles\f4
 rmdir /S /Q c:\2imacros\fxprofiles\f5
 rmdir /S /Q c:\2imacros\fxprofiles\f6
 rmdir /S /Q c:\2imacros\fxprofiles\f7
 rmdir /S /Q c:\2imacros\fxprofiles\f8
 rmdir /S /Q c:\2imacros\fxprofiles\f9
 rem clone profiles
 xcopy /s /e /v /Y c:\2imacros\fxprofiles\f1 c:\2imacros\fxprofiles\f2\
 xcopy /s /e /v /Y c:\2imacros\fxprofiles\f1 c:\2imacros\fxprofiles\f3\
 xcopy /s /e /v /Y c:\2imacros\fxprofiles\f1 c:\2imacros\fxprofiles\f4\
 xcopy /s /e /v /Y c:\2imacros\fxprofiles\f1 c:\2imacros\fxprofiles\f5\
 xcopy /s /e /v /Y c:\2imacros\fxprofiles\f1 c:\2imacros\fxprofiles\f6\
 xcopy /s /e /v /Y c:\2imacros\fxprofiles\f1 c:\2imacros\fxprofiles\f7\
 xcopy /s /e /v /Y c:\2imacros\fxprofiles\f1 c:\2imacros\fxprofiles\f8\
 xcopy /s /e /v /Y c:\2imacros\fxprofiles\f1 c:\2imacros\fxprofiles\f9\