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A checkpoint verifies that expected information is displayed in a Web Application while the test is running. This page explains how to "translate" the checkpoint terminology used in literature and certain web testing programs (e. g. QTP ) into iMacros commands that perform the same task.

Text Checkpoint

A text checkpoint checks that a text string is displayed in the appropriate place on a web application.

The TAG command can be used as easy and very fast text check point.

Any TAG command is automatically a keyword assert command. So to add a text checkpoint, simply click on the text that you want to check.

Example: Text checkpoint.png
This adds a TAG command line to the macro:

 TAG POS=1 TYPE=LI ATTR=TXT:Comprehensive<SP>CRM<SP>capabilities

This TAG line is now a text checkpoint! If the text is not found, iMacros will report an error. If you want to report an error if a text is found, use FAIL_IF_FOUND:


Image Checkpoint

An image checkpoint checks the values of an image on a web application.

iMacros contains the SAVE ITEM and Image Recognition functions that include image checkpoint functionality. Please see this FAQ.

Web Table Checkpoint

A table checkpoint checks information within a table on a web application. iMacros allows you to extract a complete table and then verify its content via the Scripting Interface. You can also adress specific table elements with the Relative Extraction / Relative TAG command feature and verify them directly in the macro.

XML Checkpoint

An XML checkpoint checks the contents of individual XML data files or XML documents that are part of your Web application.

iMacros can save XML documents and/or return the content of an XML to the calling script. You can use the standard XML functions available in all modern scripting languages to test the XML content in details (e. g. use Microsoft.XMLDOM in VBS).

Performance Checkpoint

iMacros can monitor the page load and rendering time with the STOPWATCH command.

Database Checkpoint

A database checkpoint checks the contents of databases accessed by your web site. iMacros can interface with databases via its Scripting Interface. You can verify database content directly in the scripting language that you use.

Page Checkpoint

A page checkpoint checks the characteristics of a web page.

iMacros does not in have a page check point. We recommend to use the other checkpoints instead.If you need to verify the complete page, you can use the SAVE command to save a website (with or without images) and compare it to a reference page via the Scripting Interface. You can also check for Javascript errors automatically.