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Some websites require a special setting for new tabs to load correctly in the iMacros Browser or when using the iMacros WebBrowser Component for .NET. Add the following command to the beginning of your macro:


Please note that the !X_PERM_NEW_WINDOW_BEHAVIOR setting remains in effect until a new value is set or until the browser is restarted. Valid values for this setting are:

  • TABS (default):
    Open all windows in a new tab. Should work with most websites.
    Always open windows as connected tabs (accessible for webpage scripts in the "opener" tab).
    Suggested as a workaround for sites where the page in the new tab is blank or does not open at all.
    New tab is "disconnected" from originating tab, so it cannot be accessed through JavaScript.
    Open all windows in a separate popup window.
    This method seems to work in all cases, but it opens popup windows (similar to IE) which cannot be further automated.

The !X_PERM_NEW_WINDOW_BEHAVIOR setting remains an undocumented internal variable since a majority of websites do not require it (available in version 7.36.1445 and later).