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Change the default user agent of the web browser.

Value iMacros Browser Firefox Chrome

Any valid user agent string.

Set By

[ ] Internal


Internal means that the iMacros program itself sets the value of the variable during program run. SET means that the user can set this value via the SET command inside a macro.


Set the user agent to "Hello World"

 SET !USERAGENT "Hello World"
 URL GOTO=http://wiki.imacros.net/!USERAGENT
 TAG POS=1 TYPE=A ATTR=TXT:User<SP>Agent<SP>Test<SP>Page

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Important: This command currently is not supported in Internet Explorer with iMacros 10 or later, please use the iMacros Browser or Firefox instead. For previous versions of iMacros for IE, this command requires Internet Explorer 8 or later.

Please note that this command is only available in the full version, it does not work in the iMacros trial version.

In the iMacros Browser and iMacros for Internet Explorer, setting the user agent to an empty string (SET !USERAGENT "") actually resets it to its original value.

Firefox: The user agent string is reset after each invocation of your macro or script.