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Sometimes text or images do not appear immediatly after a page is loaded. Examples include ajaxy websites or intermediary pages that display some kind of "processing request" message. iMacros takes care of this automatically and waits up to !TIMEOUT_STEP seconds for the text or image to appear. You can also view it as "number of retries", as one test is made each second.

This parameter sets the timeout in seconds for commands like TAG, IMAGESEARCH and IMAGECLICK. If the corresponding HTML element or image is not found within that interval, the macro will exit with an error. Adjust the wait time if dealing with tricky AJAX pages, where elements can appear after a while without triggering a page reload.

Value iMacros Browser IE Plug-in Firefox Chrome

Integer that gives the number of seconds a page may take to load completely.

Default: 1/10 of !TIMEOUT_PAGE, which means 6 seconds if !TIMEOUT_PAGE has the default value of 60 seconds.

Use !TIMEOUT_STEP 0 if you do not want iMacros to retry the command play.

Set By

[ ] Internal


Internal means that the iMacros program itself sets the value of the variable during program run. SET means that the user can set this value via the SET command inside a macro.


  1. If a TAG command triggers a new page load, then TIMEOUT_PAGE applies to this timeout.
  2. The ONDOWNLOAD command also uses !TIMEOUT_STEP to determine how long to wait at the end of the macro for a download to start.


' exit with error if TAG is not found after 100 seconds
TAG POS=1 TYPE=* ATTR=TXT:Transaction<SP>processed
Example of an intermediary "Please wait... processing" page.

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