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Defines the bottom boundary of a subregion to restrict IMAGESEARCH. For very large pages this should reduce the time needed for IMAGESEARCH.

If this value is not given, IMAGESEARCH (or IMAGECLICK) will use the page's (visible page) bottom as boundary.

Value iMacros Browser IE Plug-in

Y-value in pixel

Use #FOLD# to denote the current browser window fold. The part of a webpage that is visible in the web browser window when the page first loads is described as being ‘above-the-fold’.

Browser fold.png

Set By

[X] Internal

[ ] SET

Internal means that the iMacros program itself sets the value of the variable during program run. SET means that the user can set this value via the SET command inside a macro.




This line sets the limit to the browser fold (depending on the browser size).

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