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Searches for the input image specified via the IMAGE attribute. The input image is searched on the currently displayed website using Image Recognition algorithms. CONFIDENCE specifies how closely the found image must match the input image. A value of 100 means exact match. If the input image is not found at the given confidence level an error occurs.

If the image is found then !IMAGEX and !IMAGEY hold the coordinates of where it was found.

Syntax iMacros Browser IE Plug-in Firefox Chrome



  • POS
    Find the n-th image. Same as the POS attribute in TAG
    The path to the image to be searched. Supported file formats are BMP and PNG. The smaller the input image, the faster the search.
    The confidence level, i.e. level of similarity between the input and the remote picture. Must between 1 and 100. Typically values between 40...100 give good and reliable results.
  • ALGORITHM (default if unspecified = B)
    Optional parameter to select the image recognition algorithm:
    "A" uses a classic machine vision algorithm based on edge detection. (please see important note below)
    "B" uses a new, general purpose algorithm optimized for web pages.
    For typical websites we recommend algorithm B. Method B will be useful if your website or image changes color, as method B switches automatically to grey scale mode when the confidence level is set to 90 or below, so color changes are ignored.


  1. Firefox Chrome IMAGESEARCH works in Firefox and Chrome only with iMacros Standard and Enterprise editions
  2. Firefox IMAGESEARCH currently does not find images in Flash apps in Firefox
  3. The Microsoft Visual C++ runtime files required to support ALGORITHM=A are not shipped with current versions of iMacros (iMacros 8.03 and later). If you need to use ALGORITHM=A you can download the runtime files here and extract them to your C:\Program Files (x86)\Ipswitch\iMacros folder. This will enable ALGORITHM=A support in the iMacros browser only (it currently is not supported in iMacros for IE).


Q: Can IMAGESEARCH find items "below the fold" (on the web page but not currently displayed in the browser window)?

A: Yes, but only in the iMacros browser and Firefox IMAGESEARCH works by scanning the entire web page, even the parts that aren't visible in the browser window. In IE and Chrome, the target image needs to be fully visible in the browser window for IMAGESEARCH to find it.

Q: Is it possible to set the folder that the IMAGESEARCH command uses to load images from? It seems to default to: C:\Users\Public\Documents\iMacros\datasources\

A: There are two options

Q: I would like to know how to change the number of retries for the image recognition feature.

A: You can do this with SET !TIMEOUT_STEP <x>

x = number of retries, default = 6 (one retry each second)


Example macro: Demo-ImageRecognition

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