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iMacros displays an error message if it encounters an error and stops the current macro run (unless SET !ERRORIGNORE YES is used).

The general rule is:

  • Success return code greater than 0 (Currently there is only one success code: 1)
  • Failure return code less than 0


  • The code is sent via the Scripting Interface or command line interface. You can use this return code to find out whether a macro succeeded or not.
  • With iimGetLastError() the text of an error message can be retrieved via the Scripting Interface.
  • These error codes should not be confused with the Scripting Interface Return Codes which are between -1 and -100.

User interaction

Code Reason
-101 Aborted: User pressed the Stop button in the iMacros sidebar. Typically, you can check this value to see if the user wants to exit the application.
-102 Browser Closed: User pressed the Window Close button in the browser.

This code does not apply when using the built-in Javascript scripting interface in Firefox.

Macro Playback

iMacros error codes are in the range between -1000 and -2000.

Code Reason
-1000 Unspecified: Macro playback returned an error without explicitly specifying an error code.
-1010 Not In Playback Mode: Error occurred while macro playback is not active (recording or idle mode).
-1020 Unsupported Browser: Unsupported web browser was specified for the macro playback engine.
-1030 Browser Not Initialized: Browser type not yet determined.
-1040 Tabbed Browsing Disabled: Attempt to run the TAB command while IE tabbed browsing is disabled.
-1100 Load Failed: Failed to load the macro (syntax or I/O error) (Found wrong macro command while loading file).
-1110 Invalid Macro Name: Invalid macro name specified for playback (Command Line Error: No Macro found).
-1200 Bad Parameter: Invalid macro parameter was specified.
-1210 Cannot Compile Regex: Cannot compile regular expression (as in SEARCH).
-1220 Wrong Decryption Password: Incorrect decryption password supplied. Please enter the correct password in the OPTIONS dialog or re-run the macro.
-1230 File Not Found: Filename specified in the macro command (e.g. IMAGESEARCH) doesn't exist.
-1235 File Access Denied: Access to the file was denied by the system, or the file might be in use.
-1240 Invalid Record Index: The data source record with requested index does not exist.
-1250 JScript Error: JScript parsing/evaluation error (in EVAL).
-1300 Html Element Not Found: Cannot find HTML element.
-1310 Non Expected Tag Found: HTML element was found when EVENT:FAIL_IF_FOUND was specified (see TAG).
-1320 Search Query Not Found: Search query not found in source.
-1330 Page or Download Timeout: !TIMEOUT_PAGE was reached before the page finished loading or !TIMEOUT_DOWNLOAD was reached before a file download completed.
-1340 Eval Error: Custom MacroError thrown by EVAL
-1350 Navigation Error: page load returned HTTP Status between 400 and 500 or the server could not be connected.
-1360 Security Problem: a security problem occurred and ONSECURITDIALOG or ONINSECURECONNECTION was set to CONTINUE=NO.
-1400 Dialog Manager Error: Indicates that an exception has occurred in Dialog Manager.
-1410 No Download Detected: Macro contains ONDOWNLOAD, but no download dialog was detected.
-1420 Checksum or Size Not Verified: Checksum or Size of downloaded file does not match specified.
-1430 Failed To Handle Browser Dialog: Failed to handle Web Browser dialog.
-1440 Failed To Set Save File Name: Failed to set filename in the Save File dialog.
-1450 No Dialog Handler: The Dialog Manager detected a dialog, but the handler for this dialog type is not enabled. Missing command ON...DIALOG. (Only from Scripting Interface)
-1500 Command Not Supported: The command or feature is not licensed or supported in this product.
-1600 Invalid Stopwatch Id: Invalid Stopwatch ID or LABEL specified, duplicate or nonexistent.
-1610 Stopwatch Already Running: Stopwatch with this ID or label is already running.
-1620 Stopwatch Not Started: Cannot stop stopwatch before it's started.
-1700 Invalid Select Content: Selected entry in a select box is not available.
-1710 Invalid Check Radio Content: Invalid CONTENT parameter specified for check or radio box.
-1750 Cannot Save Element Screenshot: Element does not support save element screenshot.
-1800 Image Not Found: Could not find image with given confidence in browser screen.
-1810 Image Recognition Internal Error: Internal Error in Image Recognition Plugin (Is it properly installed?).
-1820 Cannot Load Image: Image file could not be loaded.
-1830 Illegal Imagesearch Subregion: ImageSearch subregion is either not completely contained in the source image, or smaller than search image, or not a rectangle.
-1840 ImageSearch Not Enough Memory: ImageSearch failed to allocate enough memory to open image file.
-1900 Document Null: Failed to run a command because no page has been opened in the web browser or could not retrieve the page source (document is null).
-1910 Invalid Target Window: Cannot locate target web browser window or frame.
-1930 Macro Timeout: TIMEOUT_MACRO was reached before the macro finished playing.
-2000 Set Proxy Error: Unable to set proxy server settings.

Firefox Error Codes

Errors specific for the Firefox Add-on.

Code Reason
-802 Timeout error (failed to load web page)
-804 ONDOWNLOAD command was used but no download occurred
Parsing Errors
-910 Syntax error
-911 Bad parameter
-912 Unsupported command (e. g. DS)
DOM Errors
-920 Element for specified x/y coordinates was not found
-921 Element specified by TAG command was not found
-922 Frame specified in TAG command was not found
-923 Element or its ancestors have no href (src) attribute, applies to SAVEAS command
-924 Number of options in select box element has been exceeded
-925 Select box has no specified options
-926 Source code of web page doesn't match SEARCH query
File/Network Errors
-930 File not found (e.g. for imacros://run?m=non_existent.iim or URL GOTO=file://...)
-931 Could not access file
-932 Specified folder was not found or could not be accessed
-933 Network error while file or page loading
-934 Specified checksum doesn't match calculated
Encryption Errors
-941 Password decryption failed
-942 Wrong password
Data Source Errors
-951 DATASOURCE_LINE exceeds actual number of rows in data source file
-952 Data source file can not be parsed
-953 Attempt to access non-existing column in data source file
Time Watch Errors
-961 Attempt to set already existing time watch
-962 Specified time watch does not exist
UI Errors
-971 Specified tab number does not exists (tabs counted from the tab where replay started)
XPath Errors
-981 Syntax error in XPath expression
-982 XPath expression resulted into multiple nodes
Specific Errors
-990 Non Expected Tag Found: HTML element was found when EVENT:FAIL_IF_FOUND was specified
-991 Javascript parsing/evaluation error
-1001 Unknown error

Scripting Interface Return Codes

After each command the Scripting Interface returns a code. You can use this return code to find out whether a command succeeded or not. The general rule is:

  • Success return code greater equal 0
  • Failure return code less than 0
  • You can use iimGetErrorText to retrieve the text associated with the last error.

  • 1 (sOk)
    Command (iimMethod()) completed Ok
  • -1 (sFail)
    Scripting Interface can not complete this command. Typically this error can occur if the software is not installed correctly
  • -2 (sNotCompleted)
    A command was started but did not complete. This error happens only if the browser is terminated so abruptly that iMacros can not respond back to the interface. Typically this happens only in the rare case of a browser crash. If the user simply closes the browser you will get the -102 error instead (see below).
  • -3 (sTimeout)
    The iMacros browser did not respond in a certain time. The default iimPlay timeout is 600s (other commands have different timeout default, see each command). You can change this value individually for some commands. For example, you can specify iimPlay(<macro>, <timeout>). In addition to a normal timeout, this error also occurs if the browser freezes for any reason. (In the trial version this error can also occur if you do not press the iMacros trial version reminder screen "Continue" button in time. This issue can never occur in the full version.)
  • -4 (sNotStarted)
    Could not start the iMacros browser. iimOpen failed and the subsequent commands cannot proceed.
  • -5 (sWrongPath)
    A wrong path (not existent or not accessible) was specified in iimTakBrowserScreenshot()
  • -6 (sRunnerNotReachable)
    iimRunner is not running. iimOpen tried to attach an iMacros instance to iimRunner, but hasn't found iimRunner. See iimOpen return values for details
  • -7 (sInstancesCountLimitReached)
    iimRunner error message. Maximum number of iMacros instances controlled by iimRunner was reached. See iimOpen return values for details.
  • -8 (sProfileMissing)
    A profile (iMacros for Firefox) or user-data-dir (iMacros for Chrome) is necessary to run iMacros via iimRunner. The correct syntax is iimOpen("-fx -fxProfile MyProfile") or iimOpen("-cr -crUserdataDir MyDataDir")
  • -9 (sTCPInterfaceLoadFailed)
    iimOpen failed to connect to Firefox or Chrome, or could not load imtcp.dll, the assembly necessary to remote control iMacros for Firefox and iMacros for Chrome. iimGetErrorText should have the complete error message. Please, call iimClose to kill this process if you used iimOpen to create it.
  • -10 (sSystemLockedNoDesktop)
    iimTakeBrowserScreenshot() did not find a desktop.
  • -11 (sInternalVariable)
    iimSet tried to set an internal or built-in variable. Value is going to be null.
  • -20
    This error occurs if you start iimOpen twice.
  • -99
    When automating Firefox or Chrome using iMacros Trial Version. The trial box hasn't been clicked in 20 seconds.
  • -100...-2000 (sMacroError)
    sMacroError can have a value of -100 and lower (-101,-102,...,-2000). These are NOT Scripting Interface error codes, but errors created by the iMacros browser and the macro itself. The Scripting Interface passes them from the browser to your script or application.
    • -101
      User pressed Stop button in the iMacros Browser. Typically, you can check on this value to see if the user wants to exit the application.
    • -102
      User pressed Exit button in the iMacros Browser, i.e. the iMacros Browser was closed by a user. Note that this is not the same as sNotComplete. The code "sNotComplete"(-2) indicates that he browser was closed e.g. by the task scheduler or a crash and not by a regular user exit or stop.
    • -200...-600
      Error codes generated by iMacros version 6 and older during the macro replay.
    • -800...-999
      iMacros for Firefox macro replay error codes.
    • -1000...-2000
      Playback errors generated by iMacros 7. These are the same errors (or error codes) that you get during a manual macro replay (if you start the macro by clicking the "Play" button). For more information on these errors please see the List of iMacros Browser Error Codes.